Can we get Wisconsin rolling again?

We must get people saying “I want to live in that state, Wisconsin, period!!!”

By Jack E. Lohman

We aren’t there yet, and I blame political corruption. Because it is expected does not mean we should tolerate it.

Political corruption creates higher and often unnecessary business costs. Even when it helps businesses it doesn’t usually help jobs or business growth. It’s a net loss.

If political money were not changing hands government decisions would be quite different than they are today, and for that reason alone public funding of campaigns in our state is sorely needed. At $5 per taxpayer per year it would be a bargain.

Politicians dislike both “fair” and “reform”, and business owners should be irate about that. They wouldn’t accept corrupt employees in their own company and they shouldn’t accept it here. But businessmen often have a very narrow view, concerned more with demand for their own product than the political system that trashed the demand.

Look at healthcare. Yea, costs may have risen by 9% this year, but “insurance premiums” have increased sometimes by 30% or more in 2011 alone. That will surely drive employment out of the state.

Even business associations don’t want to discuss alternatives for fear of turning off some of their insurance industry members, and some even make money by selling these overly costly policies to their other members. Admittedly they walk a fine line, but “most” of their members will opt for fair leadership on this issue, with no favoritism toward any one industry.

Taking away the tax revenues that funded our local schools, firemen and police officers is not very smart long-term planning. People would flock to a state they knew was not going to fritter away their tax dollars. And cutting expenses is indeed critical, though “starve the beast” is a shotgun approach that kills even those not targeted. But the Fat Cats would rather that funding be spent on lower taxes for them and more spending on their own projects, like roads and defense equipment.

They are, after all, our self-described “job creators,” though most of those jobs are created in China and India.

Greed trumps common sense in the corporate and political worlds, and if they don’t understand today’s discontent, they should not be leaders. Nor should our Governor Walker be proud of his slanted and anti-worker leadership.

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