When are we going to wake up?

Both Lefties and Righties are getting ripped off, blaming each other rather than the politician giving away taxpayer assets!

By Jack E. Lohman

Keep your eye on the “Occupy” and Tea Party groups around the country. This could be the beginning of a rebellion, and time will tell if it turns violent. Already the police are pepper-spraying and arresting protesters, like in Syria and Iran.

Where are their heads? They both have legitimate concerns, but they blame each other rather than the politicians that made it all happen (and who are laughing all the way to the bank). The politicians are playing both ends against the middle, and winning!

That the new banking regulations caused Bank of America to lay off 30,000 people when they had to abide by fair regulations should demonstrate that these jobs were only needed to support a rip-off industry.

The Tea Party yields, and so should the Left!

Get this: even the Tea Party has given up on defeating President Obama and have chosen to concentrate on the House and Senate.

If the progressives were smart that’s exactly what they would do. The House and Senate are key!

But here we are… judging candidates by how much in campaign bribes they are collecting from the whores at the top, when it should be the one thing that kills our support for them! In fact, run like hell from the guy who collects the most cash.

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