Our two-party duopoly… or better, conspiracy.

Our political duopoly is indeed illegal, and some day we will get smart and prosecute it as such.

By Jack E. Lohman

But right now the Left and Right followers are drinking their Kool-aid. They’ve bought into the politician’s story that it’s a black or white situation. Either its everybody-for-themselves or we’re-in-this-together. Nothing in-between.

That these politicians are being paid by one side or the other to say what they say, has not yet sunk in. Yet we taxpayers are paying these jokers to spend 70% of their time dialing for dollars to get re-elected to a position that will make them a multimillionaire. At our expense, all because the power to write laws attracts cash bribes.

We are so very… let’s say… “pliable.”

(I really wanted to say stupid or ignorant or gullible, but that’s not the way to address friends.)

The so-called Right…

It is the David Koch’s of the world that are pushing the “don’t criticize success” argument, even though many of our wealthy financial gurus made their money ripping off the public. They ripped off both the Lefties and Righties and we are now putting them on a pedestal!?!?

Oh, you say, they made all of this money (though illegally) and they should be lauded for it!

Give me a break.

And the Left…

Certainly not as tolerant (nor as rich) as the right, though wearing the same type of blinders.

Candidates from both parties spend critical time formulating their excuses for backing legislation that they shouldn’t have voted for. If they are going to be prostitutes they need a good story justifying why they rolled over for the cash.

2012 MUST rock our system!

Or the demonstrations around the country are going to turn violent. But the two parties like it just as it is and have done everything possible to block a fix.

My conservative friends are as appalled at the Wall Street demonstrators as the Lefties were at the Tea Partiers, all while the rich guys and their political drones are picking the pockets of both.

We must — absolutely MUST — replace 100% of the politicians with non-democrats and non-republicans who pledge to support public funding of campaigns.

We have, of course, demonstrated that our form of (crony) capitalism doesn’t work. And that the 83% premium ($1.83) needed to support privatization over government-funded personnel and operations, is no more acceptable than today’s dollar. To the question “how are you liking it so far?” we can only point to our current failure.

Even if we cut government by 20%, which is clearly doable under a clean-election scenario, we will still fight over who should pay the 80 cents. But IF we can free our politicians of the ruinous campaign bribes, I expect that we’d find a fair answer soon.

One Response to Our two-party duopoly… or better, conspiracy.

  1. Jack Lohman says:

    I love it. Following the new Dodd-Frank banking regulations bill the Bank of America laid off 30,000 people when they got their wings clipped. Can you imagine the unemployment in the banking industry if we reinstated the Glass-Steagall bill?

    I say let’s go for it!!!

    But as well, no more bank bailouts. When BofA goes belly up, nationalize it, make it profitable, then sell it for a profit!