Let’s get real about the Post Office

R’s guilty of privatization scam; D’s guilty of short-sightedness. And yes, Dem politicians are in on the scam!

By Jack E. Lohman

I support saving the post office, but keeping it on life-support just digs a deeper hole.

Reality: The post office cannot survive with the Internet taking away its volume of first-class mail, all while the workers demand zero reduction in workforce. Think about it for a moment!

The Republicans started digging the hole in 2006 when they passed a law to force the PO to store cash for 75 years of employee retirements. No other company could do that, and the politicians knew it. Without that burden they’d reportedly have a $1.2 billion surplus. But even that surplus would disappear overnight without cost-cutting measures.

Fault politicians for taking campaign cash from FedEx and UPS to kill the post office, if you will, but that’s our political system. D’s should get off their tails and fight against political corruption, rather than allow themselves to get diverted to the little fires.

Corruption *IS* our number one issue that affects all others, and until we eliminate it we are destined to a bankrupt nation.


So the R’s want to “privatize” the post office, because then they too can give campaign bribes. That’s what privatization is all about, and our own Governor Scott Walker is right in the middle of it!

Indeed freeing the post office of the corrupt politicians is a start, but I’d make it a non-profit with a CEO paid on the basis of its efficiency, and ban all political contributions. And I’d cut deliveries to three days a week (M-W-F and T-T-S) and cut through attrition all unnecessary employees.

And eliminate underused offices! I live in a small town with only two businesses: an auto-repair shop and a one-man post office. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Subcontract it to Walmart or Target!

But I see no need to bury the post office. They allow voting-by-mail in Oregon, deliver medications where needed, and even have a contract with our fabulous FedEx and UPS to deliver their packages to the 25% of our nation that are out in the boondocks.

So here we are again… political corruption driving America… all while inattentive voters are diverted to things that wouldn’t even be an issue under a clean political system.

One Response to Let’s get real about the Post Office

  1. Jack Angas says:

    Privatization scheme off the government i think is a business s plan of government officials to full their pockets. Why not privatize the White house in order to have a better services if thats the reasons