Oshkosh Corp. and union in contract impasse!

So why are we surprised?

By Jack E. Lohman

Headlines: Oshkosh Corp., union in contract impasse over health care cost increases

There’s only one side of this argument that is 100% wrong: the politicians who stoke the class war fire.

They have (a) refused to fix the healthcare system, and (b) passed free trade laws that make it more attractive to manufacture product in foreign countries and more difficult for U.S. companies to compete.

And they love it! YOU are on the outside looking in, and THEY cry all the way to the bank!!!

At what point in time do we accept that Medicare-for-all *IS* a jobs bill?

How many more jobs must leave the state before our Governor gets smart and fixes this problem?

That some day the wealthy will have to fight off the lower classes, well, they aren’t thinking that far ahead. It started in Madison and made it’s way to Wall Street, and our police are now using pepper spray and other middle eastern tactics on our own people!!!

But they too will fall.

Or, we can fix it before it gets too far out of hand. What’s at stake is our democracy and constitution, though importantly the Fat Cats would like even those to disappear.

Be careful of what you ask for!

YES you could call the Oshkosh workers greedy, but they want to eat!  But more so are the CEOs and shareholders that expect to shaft the workers to increase profits and CEO salaries.

So do we spend money or not spend money, and if not, where do we cut? Are unions pricing themselves out of the market? Is the post office obsolete, or do we need a different model? Are corporations obsolete, and should we revisit the free-market system? Does our constitution need modernizing?

I don’t know all the answers but I do know one thing: If you can’t win the game legitimately, buy the referee!

It’s a tough world, but I would hope that the politicians could referee it without their hands out.

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