Yes, recovery is possible…

Though it will require a political system free of payola or nothing will pass.

By Jack E. Lohman

Step One

First, let’s eliminate unemployment insurance payments for staying home and not working! Newt Gingrich has it right on this one (for a change!).

Where is WPA when you need it? It worked in 1939 and it will work now. Let’s pay the same dollars to the unemployed and require 20 hours per week doing something… anything but sitting around.

Like volunteer work that helps the indigent or disabled.

And in the process we’ll make these workers more employable and perhaps teach them needed skills!

Yes the unions will oppose it, because it could displace some workers who pay dues. Though we can take care not to duplicate existing efforts, we cannot match their campaign cash!

Step Two

Mitt Romney has it right, but he failed to first check with his donors. We should declare China as a currency manipulator and smack a tariff on every import into the U.S..

Forget about consumption taxes, which are regressive and hurt the lower 99% more than the top 1%. Let’s implement a temporary tax on incomes over $250K or $1M until we get this nation back in order.

When I owned a business and that business ran short of cash, I put in more cash to protect my investment. As owners of our government the Fat Cats should consider the same.

Step Three

Won’t grants to rebuilding infrastructure work? No, they’re only temporary jobs, but they go to road builders who give lots of campaign cash!!! Sounds just great! For them!

Or not. How about spending our money on green technologies, like solar energy instead of roads-to-nowhere? No, not Solyndra, which spent much of its profits (1.8M) on lobbying and sold its product at below cost. These people are no better than Medicare fraudsters and should go to jail.

Step Four

Free education in “useful” schooling. Like in health care or engineering, but not “art.” And at high-grade institutions, not rip-off scam organizations. If they are to be taxpayer-funded they must be legitimate.

Step Five

How about laying off of the political corruption in other countries and clean up our own politicians? ONLY THEN will they make decisions for the nation rather than the special interests that fund their elections.

I personally would not care which party controlled our country’s direction, as long as it was neither corrupted toward the Left nor corrupted toward the Right. (Ohhh! I guess that means NO corruption!! Wow!!!)

3 Responses to Yes, recovery is possible…

  1. How bout we start with pulling our military out of a war we cannot win, and afford. Then start reducing our government size, and regulations on Businesses.
    You may see a way out, but I see the glass as half full.
    Our governments credit card will soon be cut up.
    They’ll come after us, one way or another to keep them afloat.
    Our property taxes, food, gas, water,electricity,fines,court-cost, license fee, health-insurance, and the list goes on.
    Denounce your citizenship is 450.00 now, that’s new, guess these people know something you don’t, but from what I hear their are many jumping ship.
    Yes you are right, recovery is possible, but not realistic.

  2. We have a political fix, and that’s to fire all of the politicians. Or get them off the payroll of the Fat Cats so they are free to do what is needed. But critically, they have us chasing the little fires instead, and that is why they are winning. Cash is king.

  3. mikecfly says:

    The fat cats already have that covered. The next politician in line could more corruptible than the former.
    Have you ever thought why Mitt Romney would put up 10 million of his own money for a chance to become President?
    Hell who in their right mind would want that kind of responsibility anyway, let alone use your own money. Insane right?, unless there’s a huge pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.