Ron Paul is certainly the most honest…

… but if he does what he believes in, we could be in deep trouble.

By Jack E, Lohman

Yes, he’d be my choice over Barack Obama, and if he makes it I can only hope that a Democratic congress would block him from doing stupid things. Like killing Medicare and Social Security.

Indeed his view that people should be allowed to die if they choose to opt out of health insurance is just one of his dumb ideas. What if they want it and choose not to remove food from the table so they can afford it? What if that person dies and leaves kids behind? What if no benevolent doctor or rich donor steps forward to help?

What if they want it but all insurers refused his pre-existing conditions, as was the case with Ron Paul’s aide who died as a result?

Should our government not be our last ditch provider?

Thank God we have a congress, corrupt as they are and though there’s many I’d like to see “Ron Pauled.”

On Social Security he’d support a bill eliminating it, and give him a Republican congress and it’s a done deal. Yes it needs the cap removed, but that’s better than forcing geezers to stay in a job market that can’t support them. It surely will drive wages down even further. Let’s save this system that we’ve all paid into and not put the elderly on the public dole (which will prove as costly or more).

Oh yea, let’s privatize it as the R’s want and turn our cash dollars over to the bankers to watch over!!!

I do agree with him on the cause of our wars. Al-Qaeda is not upset because we are successful, they are mad because America is poking it’s nose into their business and invading their country. All while if we kept our troops home they’d fix the problem on their own (read that: Egypt and Tunisia).

So what are our choices?

Yea, anybody but what we have, and we can only hope that James Carville‘s message gets through. Obama has failed and he should indeed “panic,” and even opt out of 2012. Bernie Sanders or Hilary Clinton would do better, and even Ralph Nader. But we can only hope.

I expect the far-right-wingers like Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann to flame out; maybe even Mitt Romney of ObamneyCare fame.

My favorites? John Huntsman, Gary Johnson or even Rudy Giuliani. Anybody but Barack Obama!

Unfortunately, winning the next election is more important to the wacko Boehner/Cantor Republicans than fixing the nation’s economy, and the worse it gets the happier they are. It is they who must be defeated so our nation can return to sanity.

4 Responses to Ron Paul is certainly the most honest…

  1. Your right, Ron Paul’s is the a very honest candidate. Although you may not agree with his issues on Medicare and Social Security, the fact is these programs need fixing big time. People can be lazy, especially when they know they can depend on our government to bail them out. You don’t give people enough credit, if the system changes so will the people. Our basic human instinct is survival. There’s to many people in America who need to get off their butts and stop working the system, because wether you like it or not it will change, and thats what Ron Paul wants to do before it all comes crumbling down. I believe if Ron Paul got elected in 2008, we wouldn’t have the major problems where dealing with today. Ron Paul is our last hope, and more and more candidates are singing his tune, a tune Ron’s been singing for decades.

  2. Indeed they need fixing, but not eliminating as Ron Paul prefers. Eliminate the cap on SSI deductions and eliminate the fraud in Medicare. But expand them both to 100% of Americans.

  3. And PS, here’s one take on Ron Paul … love him or hate him, he follows his heart.

  4. And I must say, I’m very tired of hearing from lackeys like Paul Ryan opposing the tax increase on the wealthy Fat Cats because they are our “job creators.” If wages for the top 5% are at an all time high and taxes on the wealthy are at an all time low and corporate profits are at an all time high and corporations have more money in the bank than ever before, why do we STILL not have jobs???

    Ryan and his lackeys have proven that reducing taxes on the rich is NOT the solution.