It started as a joke, but it’s not funny!

It can happen and it must happen. Our nation is at stake!

By Jack E. Lohman

First it was Stephen Colbert, but Author John Atcheson said it best.

The answer, when you think about it, is quite simple.  We need to buy back our country.  Here’s how.

We can organize and use our market power to: 1) build a Superpac that funds candidates who pledge to represent us – not the plutocracy; 2) expand the progressive base by being more strategic in our messaging and our goals; and 3) constrain corporate power.

I like this… A public SuperPAC.  Congress won’t do it so let’s (the public) do it ourselves. True public funding of campaigns. Without their permission or help and 100% in opposition to their desires. Call it a kick in the face, if you will, but it is time. We cannot let our country’s suffering continue. We cannot let the Fat Cats continue stealing our nation’s assets.

This will help both Democrats and Republicans alike, though the rich guys who own our politicians today won’t like it a bit.

OUR problem is that we’ve been trying to get congress to reform itself, and that hasn’t worked. Let’s start by targeting the president and four leaders of congress (Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi).

How to start?

By forming a coalition including Common Cause, Public Citizen, Public Campaign, Citizen Action and the hundreds of other good-government organizations. But we cannot do this with 100 different efforts; we need ONE coordinated effort.

We know what needs to be done; let’s do it.

2 Responses to It started as a joke, but it’s not funny!

  1. Jack, you are absolutely right about 100 and more different NGOs on their own not being able to reclaim democracy from America’s own worse enemy, her corpocracy. That’s why I wrote my book and why I created a petition to the NGOs to unite in their opposition to the corpocracy.

    Please go to the petition link on 1st page of click it and go on to sign the petition and ask all your readers to do the same.



  2. Thanks Gary, and I’ve signed onto the petition. Of course we have the biggies and they’ll all want to be boss. But they have to put our country first and do what’s right. And indeed we have a whole bunch of wannabes, who should look at getting this done no matter how the chips may fall.