Democracy on the edge

The idea is good but it’s implementation dooms us.

By Jack E. Lohman

Bottom line: We MUST eliminate campaign bribes or our democracy is trash. Emerging demonstrations will grow into a rebellion like those in the Middle East. Time is running short. The rich guys and politicians will have no place to hide.

When politician’s are hooked by the cash they receive from their corporate CEOs and Fat Cat funders, there is no hope for them to make the right decision. Take the campaign bribes out of the equation and these guys will fix our nation virtually overnight.

The problem: campaign cash wins elections, and our conservative Supreme Court has sprinkled Holy Water on it so nothing will happen that doesn’t reward the givers. No, corporations are not people; they are possessions. I own some, you own some, we all own some. In our 401K’s and retirement programs. But only the CEOs control the direction of the political bribes.

Indeed we must amend the Constitution, but in the meantime we can provide honest politicians with an option: public funding of campaigns. If we can’t punish the crooks we can certainly provide an option to the good guys. And if we are to survive, we must.

Republicans versus Democrats? It simply doesn’t matter, because cash to both parties is killing America. Here we are fighting for good jobs when good government would create those and more.

I wouldn’t trade true democracy for anything in the world. But our unfettered, totally free-for-all democracy will be the end of us. Until corporate and CEO greed are eliminated we must have regulations. But the congress that needs to write those regulations is on the take and they’ll never get written.

Prior to retiring in 2004, I was an owner of a corporation with 70 employees in four states. Had I an employee that took cash bribes from vendors and gave company assets in return, I would have had that employee jailed if possible, but fired at the least. Yet that is exactly what our politicians are doing and we re-elect them instead.

If as a homeowner you were hiring a builder and found that he was hiring unqualified subcontractors because they provided bigger kickbacks on what they charged you, what would you do?

You bet; I’d fire them too. And that’s what we must do in 2012.

100% of them.

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