Why no jobs???

It is cheaper to outsource because it reduces employer healthcare costs and wages! And we wonder why?

by Jack E. Lohman

And oh, foreign manufacturers don’t send their jobs to the U.S. either, for the same reason! And our politicians turn their head because they make money on the corruption.

We know what the problem is, why aren’t we fixing it?

Corrupt politicians get a piece of the booty while we voters blame other issues. Politicians have the left and right fighting over the little things, while they advance their pillaging of the public resources. And the mainstream media are afraid to tackle the corrupt politicians because they’ll dry up their potential guests and face the wrath of the politicians they expose.

There is enough blame to go around

Yes we allowed wages to accelerate beyond belief… that’s our free-market capitalistic system. But what did we get for it? Without wages contained, we screwed ourselves by pricing ourselves out of the market… all while China controls its wages and growth. Tell me again… who is the smarter of the two?

Our leaders failed our economy and their employers, the taxpayers. But we voters failed us even worse. We drank their Kool-aid, all while they took campaign bribes from the rich to transfer our nation’s wealth to those who fund their elections. They repay them with no-bid government contracts and tax breaks, even while these same companies send their jobs overseas.

Our politicians are rewarding especially the crooked companies because they give bribes and the others don’t. So no, China is not smarter, the Chinese are obviously less corrupt.

Yes, many corporate CEOs are greedy, but that’s only a piece of the problem. Our politicians … our esteemed congressmen that we pay so well … are letting it all happen, and laughing all the way to the bank while the US economy crumbles. Our rich guys are only the enablers.

There is only one solution to our nation’s demise…

We must — absolutely MUST — force 100% turnover of those politicians who got us here. For sure nobody can be worse than Obama, not even the wildest Republican.

Actually, there are two solutions but we’ll never get to the real one (CFR) until we first get rid of the corrupt politicians.

I would not lift a finger to get Obama re-elected; better a moderate Republican like Rudy Giuliani and better to concentrate on congress. Now is the time to consider a strong third-party presidential candidate. You know, one without the Big Money behind them.

The primaries will allow us to replace the bad Democrats with good Democrats and bad Republicans with good Republicans.

If we do not fix our political system, and soon, we will be faced with rebellion worse than those in the middle east. Even the rich will not find a safe haven.

3 Responses to Why no jobs???

  1. HarryK says:

    So our trusted politicians have themselves a profitable gig? What’s new?

  2. I can see a couple of things we can do to bring jobs to the US, but the politics of it all may stop them:

    1) By applying a tariff to all foreign products that are shipped into the US, manufacturers will start bringing jobs back home.

    2) Spend money developing renewable energies, which will help in several areas.

    Now, all I need is $100 million to give in campaign contributions to get this done.

  3. We cannot afford to have illegal aliens leave. They pay into Social Security for some one, If they get hurt on the job you can get another one and you do not even have to change the paper work because of the same name, no vacation pay and no insurance. Besides that they will work for less than minimum wage and do not complain about safety and enviromental laws. They just do what they are told by managers who have no cheated their way through the ethics courses and cannot define the word.
    Wake up People!