Common sense is not allowed…

Joseph Stiglitz’s 4-Point Plan For Fixing The Economy makes too much sense.

By Jack E. Lohman

Don’t even think about it. This is surely not what the Fat Cats want, and they fund the elections for the politicians that make the rules. If you want that to change, give money!

Here’s Stiglitz’s ideas:

  1. Repeal tax-cuts for rich Americans.
  2. End wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that cost trillions of dollars.
  3. Increase stimulus and programs that would get Americans back to work because it will generate massive tax revenues.
  4. A Medicare D, with a provision that allows the government to negotiate prices instead of going with those set by pharmaceuticals. He believes this move alone could save the U.S. trillions.
  5. A “Homeowners Chapter 11” that would allow homeowners to continue to possess their homes, while they restructure their debt and continue to pay down their mortgages. He says, “It doesn’t do any body any good to force these people out of their homes… An economy in which you have homeless people and empty homes doesn’t make any sense, and that’s where we’re going.”

Okay, so that’s five.

But they all make sense, though making sense is not always the political goal. Increase taxes –YES — at least temporarily, until we get out of this mess. We should not slay the dragon if we are going to later need that dragon to prosper. Let’s not win the battle but lose the war.

Yes, end the wars. In fact, move our troops to the border with Mexico to help with the drug war. At least until we get smart enough to decriminalize drug usage.

Let me add a few more:

  1. Indeed we must stop spending money unnecessarily, but we cannot complain about that and still accept that politicians can take money from the special interests that want wasteful spending to continue. Public funding of campaigns is an absolutely critical factor going forward, but we must pressure the politicians that benefit from same.
  2. Indeed job creation is important, but creating jobs in infrastructure that are funded by taxpayers is not ideal. It’s a long-term fix, but a tariff on imported goods will encourage companies to restore their jobs to the US.
  3. Health care must be solved smartly, with a Medicare-for-all system to benefit businesses as well as the public. And oh, congressmen should be mandated to be in Medicare!
  4. The corporate structure must be changed to give shareholders control of their company and CEO wages.
  5. Corrupt business leaders, especially in the banking and financial sector, must be prosecuted for their wrongdoings. But the giving of campaign cash has given them protection, and that too must stop.
  6. Unions must be held in check and right-to-work laws expanded to all states.

And I must say, ALL of these issues would be properly dealt with if only our politicians were not taking cash bribes from those contributors wanting in our pocket.

6 Responses to Common sense is not allowed…

  1. mikecfly says:

    I agree, but unless we cut off the snakes head, nothing will change for America. America is ruled by Black Robed kings, our right-wing supreme court justices. They punching holes thru our constitution like swiss-cheese. They shredded the The Tillman Act of 1907 , and now we have Citizens-United. They are the head of the snake, but how do the American people cut it off?

    • Indeed we have a rude awakening coming, and I blame that 100% on politicians willing to give away our nation’s assets to the Fat Cats that fund their elections. The public is not aware of who is in their pocket, they just keep giving. And the politicians are not smart enough to recognize that one day they will be hiding out with guys like Muammar Gaddafi.

  2. Anne says:

    Keep unions in check and expand right-to-work laws? You must be kidding. This is what the right wing wants, to destroy unions and privatize everything. You are TOTALLY WRONG on this issue. Unions must be strengthend, NOT weakened. Right to work meams low wages, no benefits and no collective bargaining power. Unions built the middle class.

    • Anne, are Republicans totally wrong about this? Are there not unions that have ignored good sense? What do we do after the unions win their demands for high wages, and send all of the jobs to low-wage countries???

      No, I think we have to be smarter than that. I prefer a happy medium… smart planning… and runaway wages is not the answer.

  3. Anne says:

    I just find it hard to believe that an otherwise sensible individual would be anti-union. Guess you think full employment is everyone havng low-paying soul-destroying Mcjobs is the way to go. WRONG.

    • I am not anti union, but I do try to think sensibly. Either extreme is poor, and attacking the problem from only one direction is counter-productive. The union workers will lose Big Time if they win runaway wages. Be careful of what you ask for.

      The blame for our poor economy rests exclusively on the politicians, including the Clinton team for passing and signing NAFTA, which continues to allow companies to locate manufacturing overseas. I strongly support tariffs on imports which will encourage companies to make their products in the US (though tariffs also mean higher product prices for low-income workers). And I very much support an increase in taxes on multimillionaires, even up to 50% of income.