The high costs of a privatized government…

Business leaders are not stupid about money; they give cash because cash works!

By Jack E. Lohman

As I listened once again to a state legislator claim that public funding of campaigns would be shot down by the Supreme Court, I shuddered. This is exactly what politicians want us to believe, but it is 100% incorrect.

The conservative Supreme Court “might” shoot down a mandated plan, but even that is not a given. Such would regulate a politician’s taking of campaign contributions but would NOT interfere with how much a special interest or corporation spent on an election.

You know; his “right to free speech.” His right to corrupt politicians who are willing to be corrupted.

But that’s a smokescreen…

We don’t even have to go there with voluntary public funding of campaigns. Politicians have the right to either accept or reject money being given to their campaigns. Our governor and state legislators should immediately break the financial tie that accompanies their legislative votes. They should be embarrassed that it even exists.

This does not obviate the need to repeal the abominable money=speech and corporations=people parts of the Supreme Court ruling being pushed by

Public funding of campaigns would cost less than $10 per taxpayer per year, while the private system is costing taxpayers — through the back door and whether you agree to it or not — easily 100 times that when you add all of the unnecessary building of roads and tax breaks that are given by our politicians (mostly to Scott Walker).

Without cash flowing to our politicians we would NOT be in the financial mess we are in. We would not have passed laws that now permit our jobs to be sent overseas, or have given tax breaks to the wealthy or corporations that don’t need them.

But we did, because that’s what the campaign contributors demanded.

If politicians were not taking cash bribes on the side, it would not matter which party were in power. Because they’d be making the right decisions for taxpayers rather than campaign war chests.

4 Responses to The high costs of a privatized government…

  1. mikecfly says:

    Americans greed will be our downfall. Our politicians has sold the american people out for years now. Republicans are the worst I’ve seen in years. At a mere mention of a tax hike they freak, this is clearly not an option for them. Corporations will not back up any politician who won’t play by their rules. They’ll just find a convenient replacement. Now I see why politicians needs so much security around them at all times. Guess who pays for that ? American politicians are mere robots now, programed by Corporations who have become too powerful. Politicians are puppets on a string dancing to a tune of power and greed.

    • You are correct Mike, the taxpayers are paying the costs of security. And though I don’t support our current politicians, indeed we should pay for security.

      But that only works for so long, until the security is breached. I’d hope they start looking at *why* security is needed and clean up their act.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love your blog. We think alike. Here is the latest post from my blog at

    Elections: Outside spending in 2010 was $489 million dollars, while the total cost of the federal election campaigns was $3.65 billion dollars. All together, $4.14 billion dollars was spend on federal elections.

    – $43,131 was spent per vote cast in the 2010 election. *

    Lobbying: In addition to campaign contributions to elected officials and candidates, companies, labor unions, and other organizations spend billions of dollars each year to lobby Congress and federal agencies. In 2010 a total of 3.51 BILLION Dollars was spent on lobbying. [ OpenSecrets ] In 2010 the US Census Bureau reports that 95,987 people reported that they voted [ US Census ] (33,000+ didn’t answer the question.)

    – Lobbyists spent $36,567 per vote cast in the 2010 election.

    There were 210,080 voting aged citizens in 2010. That means that in 2010:

    – The cost of elections per voting aged citizen was $19,707 per person

    – The cost of lobbying per voting aged citizen was $16,708 per person

    * That is more than the household income for 40% of all Americans