They love it! They have us chasing our tail…

And we are still letting these corrupt politicians lead us?

By Jack E. Lohman

In a nutshell, raising money for the second or additional term is killing America. One term is enough!


Yea, we are actually re-electing these jokers so they can do it to us again… these esteemed and trusted congressional leaders. The very politicians that got us where we are today, want to lead us out of the hole.

No thank you.

We can stop this very simply with a national movement. Just stop voting for them. Every incumbent politician must be unelected. Term limits by mandate rather than constitutional amendment. Let them know up front, so they can pack their bags and we can replace them with your preferred party.


They would have us believe that after their breaking the system we should re-elect them to fix it? With the same corruption that caused it! Let the same corporate interests call the shots???

No thank you. The bankers and Fat Cats should be investigated and jailed; not honored with leadership.

Let’s limit terms to one!

Remember Newt’s promise to vote on term limits in 1994? He did… by running three versions so everybody could say they voted without anyone winning. It worked! And we fell for it. WE are really stupid.

But no more. We voters can change that, if we are willing to vote across lines. Whatever your party, vote against the incumbent. Preferably that will be for a third-party, but the two-party crooks have stacked the rules against even that.

Only we voters can stop the riots before they hit the USA.

Corrupt money is needed for the second term, not the first. Let them use their time running the country for the people, rather than kissing butt for 2nd term dollars!

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