Wisconsin GOP Wins, public loses

Why? Because our timid Dems refused to pull the trigger on the BIG issue, probably because they are part of the problem!!!

By Jack E. Lohman

They talked about the little fires, but not the big one: campaign money coming in from all sides. Even theirs.

Trust me, the money works. It buys legislation that benefits corporations and the wealthy, or they wouldn’t be giving their money. Money from special interests from all parts of the U.S..

Why should they be telling Wisconsin politicians what to do? Because they make money on it, and YOU, who are not special enough, pay it.

Our politicians should know better, but the temptation is too great. They want to be re-elected and don’t see money coming from the public. That’s the problem.

So we have roads to nowhere, because the road industry paid Governor Scott Walker $166,000 and gobs more to mostly Republicans. They did the same for Gov. Jim Doyle. And money from Payday Loan Sharks to protect their scam, which worked as planned. And you name it… from everywhere, all to control the politicians so they represent them instead of the taxpayers. Don’t miss this emotional rant from Dylan Ratigan.

Did the Dems learn their lesson? It’s doubtful. And unless they really are willing to tackle the corruption I’d recommend they not waste state money on a Walker recall.

Public funding of campaigns, incidentally, would cost less that $10 per taxpayer per year… and would save hundreds of times more in special interest giveaways. And when they balanced the budget they’d not do it on the backs of the residents.

4 Responses to Wisconsin GOP Wins, public loses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Jack,
    As usual you are on target. We have to identify a high profile politician to support who supports campaign finance reform. You, yourself, voted against Russ Feingold, who was our last hope This illustrates that the “throw the bums out” philosophy doesn’t work if their is no “non-bum” to replace him. Bernie Sanders is on target, In order to give this legs, now is the time to move aggressively. Should we try to get you on the Ed show? Do you know John Nichols? He may be able to make the contact with Ed for you.

    Thanks for you hard work.

    Keith Roberts

  2. Thanks Keith. And to be clear I voted against Feingold because he turned into “another of the same,” though I respect him a lot and would support him against Walker. I would really like to see Sanders drafted, even Hillary, to primary the leaker of a president we now have.

    And for the record I’m not the public speaker that either Sanders or Feingold would be, so I’d nominate either of them.

  3. Scott David says:

    I generally do not respond to blogs, but your simplistic notion that medicare is solvent is astonishing. As a public school teacher I am fortunate to be able to teach a course that deals with basic economics and personal finance. I assure you EVERY student leaves my class knowing that medicare is broke.

  4. Sorry Scott, but I think you are sending your students off misinformed. Private healthcare automatically costs 20% more than public healthcare. I’m not a school teacher but I’ve been a Medicare provider for 20 years.

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