Darling-Pasch Forum, for what it’s worth

I was not impressed… but I did stay awake!

By Jack E. Lohman

Wisconsin Senator Alberta Darling and challenger Representative Sandy Pasch went head-to-head in a forum sponsored by the Menomonee Falls Rotary Club. Much was discussed, but it was mostly partisan rhetoric.

We did learn from Darling that, laughably, (a) “we now have a balanced budget” and (b) Walker has added 39,000 state jobs.  I’d be very impressed if I didn’t know that many of these jobs are in the tourist industry and scheduled to dry up in September.

But as I see it we voters can choose one of two directions for the state on August 9th;

Republican rule

To hear the D’s talk, the Walker/Darling crowd wants smaller government, but to get there they will privatize more. That doesn’t reduce taxes, it just sends the tax money in a different direction… to the projects overseen by the Fat Cats that are willing to engage in campaign bribery.  They of course are rewarded with “overhead” such as high executive salaries which they share with the politicians that made it happen (in this case, the Republicans).

Of course they want to reduce the tax rates for these Fat Cats in the process, thus more weight is put on the average voters.

A new analysis of the Republican plan by the Center on Wisconsin Strategy should be reviewed, but the title “Wisconsin 2011: New Policies Put the Badger State on the Low Road” is not encouraging.

Combination rule

And conversely, the R’s complain that the D’s want a larger government controlled by the union bosses rather than the Fat Cats. And of course, they want to protect the leaker-public who want to live off the wealth of the taxpayers rather than getting a job on their own (as though jobs are readily available).

The real issue is…

… do we want our government run by single-party rule, which we’ll have if the recalls go to the Republicans?

I don’t, and favor Pasch for only that reason. I do not want the Tea Partiers in charge, though there are some issues I agree with them on. Or ALEC, which is funded mostly by right-wing front-groups. Darling is a member of ALEC and actually charges the taxpayers for her membership.

Our state needs diversity in leadership.
Neither R’s nor D’s in full control.

The candidates in Wisconsin’s 8th Senate district:

Alberta Darling (incumbent): $1,673,020.21

Sandy Pasch (challenger):       $111,189.01

(These DO NOT include the independent expenditures by the right-wing Club for Growth or the left-wing unions.)

Vote August 9th.

5 Responses to Darling-Pasch Forum, for what it’s worth

  1. Alberta Darling has accumulated $1.673 million in individual contributions, more than any other candidate. Of her 8,541 contributions, 220 are over $1000 – 2.6%. That’s an average donation of almost $200. Darling’s top 10 donations amount to $87,000. Most are from Banks, Financial Interests, Large Construction, Large Healthcare interests, and School Choice supporters.

    In contrast, Sandy Pasch only has accumulated $111,189 in individual contributions. Of her 675 contributions, only 6 are over $1000 (all her own personal money) – less than 1%. An average donation of about $160, and her top 10 donations amount to $29,000. Pasch’s donors are from a wide spectrum of individual stated interests, and many contributed under $50.

    From Badger Democracy

  2. HarryK says:

    Pasch also contends that Darling only responds to constituents that agree with her. She is 100% correct. I am a constituent that rarely agrees with her and she NEVER returns an email.

  3. See Darling/Pasch positions on issues at Project Vote Smart:

    Alberta Darling

    Sandy Pasch

    Neither candidate completed the Political Courage Test, which would have given you insight into their views. (Click under their picture.)

  4. Keith Schmitz says:

    And that doesn’t include all the outside money supporting Darling, which no doubt represents some whopper totals.

  5. Keith Schmitz says:

    Let me restate that. I meant all of the outside UNREPORTED money.

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