Time to rethink Democracy…

Yea, our government is owned by the wrong people, but campaign bribes can do that to you.

By Jack E. Lohman

So what’s the down side? How about rebellion and another civil war? Do the mass protests in Madison remind you at all of Egypt or Libya? Do you need more before it sinks in? How long are the David Kochs and his Fat Cats going to keep the Lefties distracted and the Righties drinking his Kool-Aid, as they too get nailed?

Today’s debt crisis is 100% contrived… created by the same corrupt politicians that are being paid to spend our nation’s wealth. Their public concern is totally manufactured to cover up their complicity while they continue cashing the checks from the special interests.

So here are your choices:

  1. Unfettered capitalism and “Free-for-all Market:” That’s what we have now. The CEOs have their way with us while our trusty representatives — our “esteemed” politicians — are guiding the knives into our backs. And incidentally, sharing in the booty.
  2. Regulated capitalism: Certainly we’d not want over-regulation, which will drive jobs to other countries, nor under-regulation, which allows the Fat Cats to shove the knife in further. There *IS* a reasonable mid-position, but neither the R’s or D’s want to go there, because then their income is jeopardized too.

The first option — an unfettered free market — has a zero chance of long-term survival in this or any nation. As more and more wealth is transferred from the people who buy from “the market,” which goes to the top 1%, the little people will have less and less. Increased ire will lead to taxpayer and worker revolt and a certain civil war (again!).

And get this: When the Fat Cats pay off our politicians (the key phrase) to position them against their competitors, the so-called “free-market” competition is no longer in play. It’s only free to the big guys, and the politicians help get it there.

The second option has its own problems, as regulations become bought and sold like everyday commodities. But that happens when politicians put themselves on the market.

How do we reach the middle ground?

The simple answer is to stop the cash flow between the Fat Cats that want in our pocket, and our nation’s congressmen, and they’ll reach a fair, legal solution overnight. Politicians are not stupid people, even when they have been corrupted by campaign cash.  They CAN make good business decisions, but as long as that cash flows this country will remain in the dumpster.

Or better, how do we recover?

This seems obvious, but those concerned must move from their little fire to the real fire and demand that their politicians start working for the taxpayers. Only public funding of campaigns will reverse our spiral downward.

There is nothing wrong with Scott Walker, except that he sees campaign contributions as more important than fixing the state. Campaign cash has been put ahead of jobs and the economy.

I say again: It would not matter who got elected if cash bribes didn’t change hands in the process. (And you guessed it, Walker is 100% opposed to public funding of campaigns.)

How can we keep talking about fixing our corrupt political system? Because it never changes and is the one problem that affects all others! Indeed the politicians would like to change the subject, but to do so would take us off the reservation. They would hope.

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