Modifying the Constitution is difficult…

And so it should be. It was intentionally made so by our founders.

By Jack E. Lohman

The big thing today is the Move to Amend effort to make…

  1. money not equal to speech and
  2. corporations not equal to people

… both of which I totally support.

What is remarkable about this effort is that it is even needed, but we must protect the American public from the politicians that are supposed to be working for the public good.

Witness the absolute arrogance

… and greed of our politicians who hide behind the courts and the Fat Cats that are using their (often corrupt) wealth to pack down the owners of the country, the taxpayers themselves. The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision essentially gives corporations the right to own congress, and the politicians love it because as the rich get richer they gain a piece of the action.

Political analyst Larry Sabato has offered 23 suggestions on new Constitutional amendments, which for the most part are pretty reasonable.

But I do disagree with several:

4. Lengthen House terms to 3 years (from 2) and set Senate terms to coincide with all Presidential elections, so the entire House and Senate would be elected at the same time as the President.

Yea, but then make their terms ONE and only ONE. Most political corruption occurs when politicians first get elected and then must start seeking funds for re-election. Stop the re-elections or eliminate the campaign bribes altogether! And pass the MoveToAmend plan to get corporations out of running our country.

7. Add a Balanced Budget Amendment to encourage fiscal fairness to future generations.

Absolutely not! It would be devastating without mandatory public funding of campaigns and #4 above. When budgets are adjusted I don’t want politicians pushed into favoring their campaign contributors over public need. See Now a balanced budget amendment???  And if any amendment should be difficult it should be this one.

11. Give the President a line-item veto.

Same as #7 above. And surely the vetoes will occur more frequently of the opposing party’s bills, whether good or bad for the public. I trust Presidents as far as I can throw them.

15. Expand the size of the Supreme Court from 9 to 12 to be more representative.

After their stupid Citizen United decision they need more repair than that. And they certainly don’t need 12 or any other even number that would allow a tie vote.

Added to those at #13-16 I’d prevent justices from accepting anything of value from outsiders, including trips, and mandate the same rules for all spouses and immediate family members.

Oh, Clarence Thomas’ wife doesn’t want to give up her lobbying job? Then Justice Thomas, resign yours! You can’t continue with this massive conflict of interest. Conservatives are (supposed to be) better than that.

We need a new president, but not one from the Democrat or Republican party. And a 100% turnover in congress.

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