Time for a new political party!

The meltdown of the R’s and D’s comes at a crossroads.

By Jack E. Lohman

Yea, it’s not a pretty picture, but let’s use the opportunity to take back our government.

Neither party is representing the people who vote for them. The R’s are entrenched with the financial gurus because of the gobs of campaign bribes that have changed hands. Is it any wonder that Elizabeth Warren was passed over? Strong banking oversight was the last thing in the world the Fat Cat bankers would have accepted.

We all knew that the R’s were trash, but how many knew that the D’s were just as bad? They get their money from many of the same corporations and don’t want to interrupt the flow of campaign cash. And from the unions, who naively see them as saviors even as they dip into the pockets of their members.

As just one example, remember the heated healthcare debate, where Obama temporarily had 60 votes in the senate but instead chose “bipartisanship” when he didn’t have to? Can we be surprised that $125 million in campaign cash flowed from the health and insurance industry into political hands, with Democratic lead Senator Max Baucus pocketing $5 million of it?

So ObamaCare was passed and the insurance industry is pleased as punch. 100% of Americans must now purchase their product, or face a heavy fine.

The center 20% must now come together

WE can do the right thing, even if the politicians can’t. It is time for the far-left and the far-right to take the back seat.

Independents must now be joined by the moderate R’s and D’s who have grown disgusted with the takeover by the fringes. I’m a moderate center-right Republican, and have good friends in the Democratic center. But none of us are happy.

There is only one solution, and that’s to get the political corruption out of the system. It has the same destructive effect here as it does in Egypt and Tunisia. It eventually trashes democracy, and it has already begun in the U.S..

We can stop it. The center 20% represents the swing votes when electing congress, so the burden (and opportunity) is in our sight. Our hands are NOT tied.

The current congress got us here, and replacing the faulty politicians is a significant step forward. It appears that nothing will change until we see turnover.

2 Responses to Time for a new political party!

  1. Indeed we could use a primary challenger to Obama, perhaps a Bernie Sanders or Dennis Kucinich.

  2. Brett Adam says:

    With the public opinion of Congress at an all time low, it would be fair to assume that the vast majority of incumbents on both sides of the political divide will find themselves facing ejection at the next election. The question of course is who will replace them?

    There is indeed a significant percentage of voters in this country who are disgusted with both established parties and, given the lack of a preferential voting system, will once again agonize over whether to “waste their vote” on some independent or cave in and pick between the two evils, thereby continuing the insanity that currently passes for governance.

    Perhaps the time is right for a legitimate movement to consolidate the “economically conservative, socially liberal” middle ground and give those voters a choice that they can truly believe has a shot at finally fixing the dysfunction that is DC.

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