Open letter to Bill O’Reilly

I watch mostly right-wing TV news, but wow, sometimes I sure disagree with them.

By Jack Lohman

I’m a lifelong Republican, though admittedly not a very good one lately. But I think you are drinking the conservative Kool-Aid, and are becoming part of the problem.

I’m a former small business owner, where I had 70 employees in four states, growing over 25 years from a company I and my wife started in our basement. Until I sold it 10 years ago and retired. Now I’m just unemployed at 75, with no dog in the race.

Our company’s growth depended on quality and increasing demand. It did NOT rely on tax breaks. As a small business owner my salary was NEVER over $50,000 per year. Six of my employees had higher salaries than I did.

The Dems are not targeting the little business owners who could add jobs; they are after the Lloyd Blankfeins, Dick Fulds, Franklin Raines and Koch Brothers of the world, and those who ripped the nation’s economy into shreds and stole from our 401(k)’s. These jerks that are making $50 million per year, not the little business owners. They did not start their companies, they are interlopers who know which politicians to pay off to keep regulations in their favor.

But here we have a bunch of Democrats that you say wouldn’t cut spending, and the liberals claiming that the R’s won’t increase taxes on those making over $1M per year.

They are BOTH right, or wrong, because the top 1% and the unions are funding BOTH of their political campaigns!!! So our problem isn’t ideology, it’s political corruption!

You’d do well to expose the root cause, political bribes, and not just the corruptive results.

Is it too hard to believe that *IF* political bribes were not our standard, that (a) we’d not be in the mess we are in, and (b) a non-biased congress would have solved this on Day One?

Is it too hard to believe that *IF* our politicians were not taking legal bribes they’d fix the system before we go the way of the Middle East?

The bottom line: Government spending results when politicians respond to campaign bribes… taxes go up as a result… but are pushed back down when politicians accept campaign bribes… and needed public services are cut to offset the lack of tax revenue. People are kicked off Medicaid and Medicare, but show up in the welfare lines. So, campaign bribery is the demise of the poor economy and high taxes and lowered medical services!!!

Go figure…

How are you liking it so far???

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