Democracy is working…. over there!

Now let’s get out of the way!

By Jack E. Lohman

If we’ve learned anything in the last year it’s that, if left alone, countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, and Libya will solve their own problems. The same way America did over two centuries ago… with rebellion and civil war. But the U.S. must now get out of the way.

Let’s get democracy back here!

Yea, we’ve lost it. Our politicians do not work for the masses, but instead for the top 1% who fund their elections. But I’ve said that before; our “esteemed politicians” are corrupt as hell. If we do nothing to change it we deserve the burial we get.

That defense industry cash is flowing to our “esteemed congress” to keep stoking the fire is abhorrent. We are killing people for money. These guys are sick.

What doesn’t work?

Our duopoly!

It’s a conspiracy, probably even illegal, and I’d love to see some smart attorney challenge it in court. That campaign bribes work, and public needs do not, is criminal. These politicians should be jailed.

Indeed the D’s are no better than the R’s. Both get their marching orders from the Fat Cats that fund their elections. Neither do what is in the best interest of the people. Both oppose fixes that would allow third parties to compete fairly in the elections.

You the taxpayers are getting screwed, but you keep voting the corrupt politicians back in. Call it laziness or hopelessness, but we must change or throw in the towel. Politicians have not paid a price for their corruption, and until they do it will continue.

Even the D’s opposed public funding of campaigns when they were in control. It funds third-parties too, don’cha know? Even so-called good-government groups opposed and sued to stop the state from passing election reforms, because they benefit democracy to the detriment of the see-saw duopoly they support.

Neither party wants to upset this balance with — say — fair elections that would benefit the voters and taxpayers.

What do we need?

What the politicians don’t want…

  1. Public funding of campaigns: Wisconsin Democracy Campaign (WDC) has recently announced a new plan modeled after the Fair Elections Now Act. When it is introduced as a bill, it must be passed.
  2. Ranked choice voting (IRV):  It works!  Yet if you are confused you need only vote for one person, as before. But learn it; your support is critical to the future of democracy. Only IRV would nullify the anti-democracy games soon to be played in the recall elections.
  3. A constitutional amendment to make money not equal to speech and corporations not equal to people. So get this: campaign bribes are good but disclosure is bad. WTF??? And these jokers are our leaders?

Neither the partisan D’s or R’s want any of the above, because they are in the best interest of the public and not their own. Yes they’ll get proposed, to gain political points, but final support will be telling.

Do NOT let your good-government group waffle, as they will if reforms are seen to block the payola that benefits their contributors. Money works here, too.

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