Yes, the Post Office needs help

This “public option” must be fixed and expanded to the banks and oil industries.

By Jack E. Lohman

Technology advances are great… until they consume an industry. Digital photos put Kodak and Polaroid out of the film business; cell phones are killing land lines; email is killing Fax; and paper invoices and payments are exiting. The Post Office was blindsided like so many other industries have been.

But it is our “public option” and must be saved. Indeed they should cut staff and offices, and I’d be happy with delivery three days a week.  It’s all junk mail anyway, plus a few magazines. But turn this over to private industry and costs will double.

Already UPS and FedEx use the postal carriers to deliver their “last mile” packages, where they do not deliver, and I’ve heard they are the P.O.’s largest customers. In return these companies transfer their mail by air, a mutual back-scratching that benefits the public.

Now picture a “public option” oil company

You know, someone who would actually “compete” with OPEC, rather than follow them lock-step. The next time an oil company gets into trouble — like BP — the US should buy it or nationalize the company; NOT bail them out!

No, we should not take over the industry, but we should also not let them hold our country hostage. And though worse things could happen… we could actually make busloads of money on the acquisition.

“Experts blame excessive speculation for up to 40 percent of the price of oil.” And isn’t it convenient that politicians never put their foot down on this rip-off? They’ll have political “shows” but their moneyed speculators know it’s a re-election ploy.

Public banks are not a new idea

North Dakota has the nation’s only state-owned bank… and incidentally a 3.3% unemployment rate.

So why don’t we in Wisconsin?  Follow the money!!! It talks!!! And expect Scott Walker to listen.

The public banking issue is not as clear-cut as privatizing the Post Office or municipalities or other obvious sources of political cash, but do you really think that we’d have had to bail out the financial industry had we had a public bank to keep the privates in check?

I think not.

Remember Blackwater and Halliburton?

The US Government paid these private mercenaries… er, sorry, contractors … FIVE times what we spent on our own troops. Yes Blackwater and Halliburton could give campaign bribes … sorry again, contributions … and our own US Army could not.

But that’s the way we play the game. THAT is why politicians will replace 10% public bloat with 20% private overhead. And in the case of defense mercenaries, 500%.

The worse part is that our politicians are arming a private army that one day may be used against us. Or wait a minute, maybe that’s exactly what we’ll need next year.  It sure would have helped the democracy seekers in Libya!

No, the real fix is honest politicians…

Politicians who are not taking cash from the special interests that want in the taxpayer’s pockets, will make government decisions that are in the best interest of the state or nation.

At 73 I’m too old to run for office, but IF I were, I’d concentrate on just one issue… the high cost of a corrupt political system. The political cash that transfers hands is the ONLY thing that matters … it is the ONLY thing that drives taxes… and removing the corruption is the only thing that will reverse our state’s and country’s downward spiral.

Why haven’t the Dems used this more against Republicans? Because they are part of the problem. They get cash too.

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