$1.2M per taxpayer national debt by 2015???

If politicians continue getting a piece of the booty, count on it!

By Jack E. Lohman

So here’s the bottom line:

Recap of our recent financial crisis, by capitalismwithoutfailure.com:

1. Rampant fraud, 2. Bailouts of the worst actors in the financial system, 3. Overwhelming debt and liability imposed on taxpayers, 4. Money printing on a scale that is destroying our currency, 5. Promotion of business leaders and policy makers who are seriously compromised, 6. Conglomeration of corrupt TBTF banks into a more empowered menace. Problem not solved. This time-bomb is still ticking. What is your plan?

Yes, we can turn this around, but first we must get our politicians off the payroll of the bankers and top 1% of wage earners who together are causing laws to be passed that transfer taxpayer wealth to the big guys. NOTHING will happen until we eliminate the political corruption. And NO, union money is no cleaner that Fat Cat money.


  1. Pass the Fair Elections Now Act, Essentially public funding of campaigns, but a $4 to $1 government match of individual contributions (up to $100). If anybody is to fund the politicians, let it be the taxpayers!
  2. Implement the progressive People’s Budget (details here). Yes it means tax increases on higher incomes, but it must be done despite that the Fat Cats prefer the status quo. (The Fat Cats are greedy but not stupid. They realize that massive security costs in another country will more than offset higher taxes here.)
  3. Install the Bernie Sanders Single-payer healthcare bill. Yes, Medicare is broken and must be fixed, but NOT turned over to the for-profit insurance industry so they can add their 20% overhead. Instead, we can provide Medicare to 100% of Americans and save $400 billion in the process, IF we eliminate the middleman for-profit insurance industry.
  4. Get out of all of the wars, dammit! Yes, continue to send some money to the rebels seeking democracy, but not the trillions demanded by the defense industry and privatized mercenaries (Halliburton and Blackwater) that help fund the elections. We’d rather spend that money on American needs. (Keep your campaign payola, folks, we’ve solved that in #1 above.)
  5. Get rid of the Republican and Democratic duopoly hold on government by passing Instant Runoff Voting (Ranked Choice)

A concerted effort to throw out ALL incumbents until we get all five items above must be undertaken. BOTH political parties are at fault and BOTH must pay the price.

Source: How Large Will The U.S. National Debt Be In 2015? – Try $1.2 Million Per Taxpayer

TBTF = Too Big To Fail, which in my mind means that they must be bailed out and then owned by the taxpayers, like in “nationalization!”

Importantly, IF we get the political payola out of the system these jokers will start voting in the best interest of our nation. That some of our brightest support this corrupt system is troubling.

2 Responses to $1.2M per taxpayer national debt by 2015???

  1. Hank says:

    Public funding of elections is more radical than raising taxes on the rich. A Constitutional Amendment reversing the Citizens United decision is better short term.

  2. Hank, a Constitutional Amendment is not short term. Count on five years minimum.

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