Politicians don’t do anything for free…

Follow every Walker move, and check the money flow behind it!

By Jack E. Lohman

It isn’t just Scott Walker, it’s all of them. Politicians. Their first chore after election is to start raising cash to get re-elected in two or four years. And what better source than the money from special interests that want in the taxpayer’s pocket.

Yes, the governor talks big about saving taxpayer’s money and he’s going to attack those nasty old public sector unions. Maybe they do fight for their members, and even sometimes get them more pay than they deserve.

But that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the massive amounts of government waste that results from payback to the special interests that fund the elections.

Do you really think Walker cares about expanding “our infrastructure” more than he cares about transferring profitable road contracts to the private road contractors that gave him $166,000 in campaign dollars???

Do you really think Walker wants to avoid expanding the “early release” program because we’ll let criminals out on the street? You know, those non-violent prisoners who made their first mistake and want now to lead a clean life on the outside? Or is it because he can get campaign cash from the private prison operators who prefer incarceration at taxpayer expense?

Do you really believe that Walker favors privatization because it reduces taxes??? You know, like replacing 10% government bloat with 20% private overhead and profits? Or is it because politicians can share in private profits to the detriment of taxpayers.  (Can you spell Halliburton or Blackwater?)

Of course a public bank makes sense for Wisconsin too, but public is exactly opposite Walker’s privatization agenda. With $962,000 in contributions from banking and finance so far, don’t even think about it. (Forget about North Dakota’s public bank and 3.6% unemployment rate.)

If you favored Walker on any of the above, I have a bridge that I’d like to sell you for really, really cheap.

It does not matter what your issue…

… follow the money and you’ll find a politician at the end with his hand out. Decisions are being made not to improve government efficiency to the benefit of Wisconsinites, but to pad the pocketbooks of politicians.

The Democrats know how this works because they played the game when they were in control. If they are smart they will run on just one issue… clean government. And then fix it under their watch.

And the Lefties had better get smart too. This is NOT an issue of foggy ideology. It *IS* an issue of cash dollars driving public spending decisions, which means taxes diverted to private industry. And the Democrats are no better than the Republicans on this. It is a bipartisan problem.

The only question is “upon whose watch will this be fixed?”


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  1. And think about this: ONLY taking campaign contributions from the citizens of the state that DO NOT have business before the state?

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