Progressives prepare for another loss…

Frame the issues? Bull roar! Get the political bribery out of the system, dummies!!! NOTHING will get fixed until then!

By Jack E. Lohman

I consider myself a center-Right Republican, but my party has been hijacked by the far Right. The only way to bring it back to near center is with a few losses to progressives. But that isn’t going to happen as long as the Left continues with a bag over its head.

Nothing else matters.

Cash is King, and the Right-wing Koch brothers and their likes are willing to spend money to make money, and that means having politicians in your pocket so you can control the agenda. (And you thought they worked for you?)

I have seriously tried to think away from that sickening thought… that my politicians could be bought and paid for, and willing to give away taxpayer assets to gain campaign cash. But every time I reach the bottom of the options… there lies the cash pot of gold and the real reason. And that reason is NOT ideology, it *IS* too often political payola.

  • Ever wonder why the US has the highest rate of criminal incarceration? It’s because our politicians are encouraged to pass “three strikes” laws by campaign cash from the private prison operators… and to “remain tough” by eliminating early out for good behavior. It is NOT because our people are more criminal. It’s also why they fail to alter our war on drugs: it is far more profitable to the private prison industry to lock up the addicts.
  • Ever wonder why Paul Ryan would want to destroy two historical social programs, Medicare and Social Security, that have been PAID INTO by the recipients? Because they must now be subsidized with higher taxes, and the wealthy just hates paying taxes!!! (Yes, these programs should be means tested and the payroll caps removed, but that would discriminate against the wealthy as well!)
  • Ever wonder why conservatives still claim that tax breaks increase jobs, even though the Bush tax cuts of 2001/2003 (mostly for the wealthy) have led to massive U.S. unemployment… all while corporations are swimming in historically high cash profits?

Dozens of other examples can be listed, but suffice it to say that cash campaign contributions (legal political bribes) have played the Number One role in passing laws and driving our economy down the tubes.

If Progressives are serious…

… they’ll concentrate on ONE issue: the high cost of our corrupt political system. Nothing else matters. The public MUST be educated to the fact that 100% of our economy problems resulted from this insidious relationship between lobbyists and politicians and the cash that changed hands.

Eliminate the political corruption and I’ll virtually not care whether R’s or D’s or G’s (or whatever) are in office; because I’ll know that their campaigns are being funded by the taxpayers and their votes will be uncorrupted. Importantly, neither will the progressives or demorepugs care.

But are those on the Left smart enough to disclose this culprit? YES it is going to require education of the voters. YES it will win elections. And the politician who understands that will win.

5 Responses to Progressives prepare for another loss…

  1. janeofdane says:

    Isn’t this what Feingold has been saying for the past decade or so?

  2. Indeed he has, Jane, and with Kohl now retiring perhaps Russ will get a chance to make it happen.

  3. Hank says:

    Sen. Durbin speaking about the banking lobby’s impact on Congress:
    “Frankly, they own the place.”
    Yeah, both parties, Dick.

  4. What I don’t get is how this author (and others) keep saying it’s the “left” or progressives who can’t see what’s happening. From my groups on FB it is the progressives (mostly Dems, Independents and a few other parties, like Green) who are saying EXACTLY the same things this author is saying. And from online news media, it seems to be mainly the conservatives or “right” (mostly Republicans but some Blue Dog Dems also) who are the ones that are pushing for privitization and austerity, etc. (Paul Ryan is a Republican or “righty”, not a Dem or “lefty”.) Maybe I’m misunderstanding the “definition” of Progressive.

    Seems to me that there is a major lack of communication and understanding between the Americans on main street!

  5. My view is that the left is disjointed and the right is determined. They are drinking the Koch Brother’s cool aid, though getting just as screwed by them and the Fat Cats.

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