Walker vs Obama, we can do better…

Both are bad, but we can no longer turn the other cheek…

By Jack E. Lohman

Now we’re hearing that President Obama needs to raise $1 billion for his second run, about 30% more than his first.

What a waste. Had he governed to the left, as he campaigned, he would be so popular that Democrats and independents would elect him hands down. But he didn’t and may now lose it all (thanks to the campaign cash he covets).

Yea, I may be a lousy Republican, but so is he!

And Scott Walker?

Seems that his promises not to privatize troubled communities may have been one of those little white lies that politicians tend to use to keep their plans secret until they notify us taxpayers that we’ve been screwed.

Coverage over at the Badger Democracy blog is worth following. They report that Walker appears to be in bed with the Foley and Lardner law firm that is said to be writing the new law that I expect will be dropped on the public some Friday (the slow news day).

I still have questions. Did Walker hire Foley and Lardner to write laws we pay our legislators to write? Are they using taxpayer money or is it funded by a Fat Cat looking for profits at the end of the privatization rainbow? How much in campaign contributions had to change hands to make this all happen?

I say it again: “Private companies can give campaign contributions while government entities cannot!” 

Indeed turning some government functions over to private industry may make sense, but I’d rather it occur without campaign cash flowing to our politicians. For those unfamiliar, we have our Milwaukee area power supplied by the private WE Energies under what is called a “regulated monopoly.”  That they pay their CEO Gale Klappa about $8 million per year is troubling (because some of that is coming from me!). As you can see from his campaign contributions HERE and HERE, he is indeed generous with his financial windfall.

The fix going forward

Clearly we must spend less and tax more, at least until we recover. But that is going to take politicians that are not PAID to spend more, by the Fat Cats that fund their elections and want in our pockets.

Our moneyed political system has led us down the path we are on, and only eliminating it will get it reversed.

Unfortunately, money works. It is WHY we can’t balance the budget, or pass good health care reform, or can’t decide on global warming, or whatever. Good laws don’t require campaign cash to flow, but bad laws do.

Clearly, some lefties gave up hope and stayed away from the voting booth in 2010. Let’s hope that Citizens United finally woke them up. They must — absolutely MUST — get out the vote and throw the bastards out in 2012. Both political parties, and both of these jokers!

*IF* we had politicians that were not taking cash from outside interests, they would fix these problems overnight.

3 Responses to Walker vs Obama, we can do better…

  1. Annie K. says:

    I have enjoyed your posts for quite some time now. You often make remarks I agree with 100%, others I’m not in actual agreement with, and often enough there are those I don’t even feel I can evaluate in any other way than a “leap of faith” judgment which I really hate doing/don’t do. So, though I don’t always know what to “do with” your remarks, the fact that you are not a cookie cutter blogger is great.
    BTW, I couldn’t be more upset over the “Obama legacy”. The only way I will refrain from saying he is the worst US President in history* is because if not Obama in 2012 we will be electing Satan himself to the Oval office.
    Satan v. Satan’s Handmaiden… I’ll take the Handmaiden. While choking on the smell of sulfur O_o
    I hope the latin community was outraged yesterday. How obvious that now that he needs them again Obama thinks he can just get their motors running at his say-so. All hail the Magic Man :/
    People are too easy, they’ll probably “try again” and hand over trust and faith. Because you know… Satan is dancing in the shadows. 😦

    * the last Bush’ policies, beliefs, demeanor, decisions etc etc were heinous IMO, but as I look back I can give the guy credit for being “himself”. For even having a Self.

  2. Thanks Annie. Our basic problem is greed by the top 1%, and they are willing to share their wealth with the politicians that make it all happen. It is the latter that must be unelected… 100% of them … though there are a handful that are pretty decent (Sanders, Wiener, et al).

  3. Hank says:

    If Dems come out strong for amnesty for illegals they will lose big time. With real unemployment at 30%, Americans don’t want the influx of competition for jobs. Libertarian Repubs do.

    Anyway, why are illegals voting at all? I’m a socialist, but not on immigration. How many blacks or Czechs live in Sweden?

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