Remember when Republicans were in power…

… and deficits didn’t matter?

By Jack E. Lohman

Now we have deficits and they are going to kill America. Go figure.

Where was Paul Ryan when V.P. Dick Cheney claimed that deficits didn’t matter? Probably voting on the next tax cut for the wealthy or subsidy for his favorite corporate interest. Both of which cause a loss of revenues and increase in deficits!!!

“This is the same guy that voted for two wars that were unpaid for, voted for the Bush tax cuts that were unpaid for, voted for the prescription drug bill that cost as much as my health care bill — but wasn’t paid for. So [Ryan’s] not on the level,” Obama said.

And incidentally, Ryan wants to reduce the tax rate for the top 1% of wage earners from 35% to 25%, a 30% tax cut!

Hold onto your wallets...

Hold onto your wallets...

“The House Republican budget adds $6 trillion to the debt in the next decade yet the GOP is balking at raising the debt limit.” Matt Miller

(See the Congressional Progressive Caucus budget HERE, which actually DOES balance the budget but does not satisfy the Fat Cats.)

This is a pure political game… and a corrupt one at that. Purposely start a fire and then holler “run.” If congress still can’t get spending cuts the honest way, they can pour gas on the little fire to get the public scared as hell … and more importantly… pliable.  THEN we’ll accept anything, even tax breaks for the wealthy!!!

That’s the strategy.

The R’s have the backing of the Kochs of the world, because they like the tax cuts showered upon the wealthy. And of course the media follows the money, because they get paid for the massive political ads. And the D’s have the union workers. What a fight.

It is absolutely stupid to cut Medicare benefits and force people into Medicaid or other taxpayer-funded welfare programs, and to force Social Security geezers to work another 3-5 years while paying out unemployment checks. But that’s the warped thinking of Paul Ryan and the conservatives.

You can bet that Ryan voted right along with them every time...

It really doesn’t matter what the issue, we MUST have honest negotiators.

Is it any wonder? When our politicians are bought-and-paid for by the Fat Cats that fund their elections, and corporate profits are at their highest level ever, and the 1% at the top saw a 30% increase in wages last year, why— WHY??? — would our trusted politicians want to change anything?

We, folks, are fighting the wrong fire!

We taxpayers are incredibly detached from the real cause of our economic fall. It is a corrupt political system, not unlike those in Libya and Egypt. For a piece of the booty our politicians have transferred taxpayer assets to the Fat Cats that fund their elections. We can holler “ideology” all we want, but it is flat-out who bribed whom with the D’s being as bad as the R’s. Only public funding of campaigns will get these bastards working for us rather than “them.”

Can you imagine having a company where an employee was giving away corporate assets in return for cash bribes on the side? THAT is exactly what our politicians are doing.

Look at Obama … he takes office, extends the Bush $800 billion tax cuts for the wealthy… and then cries poverty and government shut-down. And we are stupid enough to believe him and his Republican co-conspirators??? Give me a break.

If our politicians really wanted to fix the system, the top 5% of wage earners would see an increase in their taxes. But it is THEY who fund the elections and financially support congress, so don’t count on it.

ONLY public funding of campaigns will reverse our downward spiral, and only then will we head off our own public revolution. No longer would we be indecisive on the budget, or global warming, or wars, or taxes, or whatever. These items would be decided in the best interest of the country.

And incidentally, deficits are NOT good, unless you like unnecessary interest payments.

7 Responses to Remember when Republicans were in power…

  1. Eugene Barufkin says:

    10’s of thousands of people need to contact Obama & their Congressional ELECTED senators & house member to DEMAND OIL, JET FUEL & GAS (natural & vehicle) TRADING ‘REVERT’ TO THE PRE W. BUSH LIMITATION THAT “ONLY PETROLEUM USERS LIKE AIRLINES & UTILITIES CAN USE “FUTURES TRADING” AS A HEDGE FOR FUTURE COST FLUCTUATIONS.
    >> Why isn’t Obama out in public screaming about this????? <> It happened not long after the infamous Cheney oil baron meeting in the VP’s residence. <<

  2. Hank says:

    Today the Kenosha News has poll. If Ryan ran against Obama in 2012, Ryan only gets 55% and Obama gets 45% out of 750 votes. Since Ryan is the local hero, his number is very low.

  3. Thanks Hank, and I agree. Ryan’s numbers should be much better.

  4. Hank says:

    Ryan held a tour to push his screw-you agenda in Kenosha this week. The oldsters really drilled him a new one and he whimpered off stage.

    This week Repub Cantor decides to bury Ryan’s death-is-good-for-you roadmap to ruin. Kicking ass is kicking in.

  5. Sounds good. It was DOA anyway…

  6. According to this article deficits really don’t matter in our debt-based, fractional reserve banking system. Basically, if we didn’t have debt, we wouldn’t have money. THIS is the system we need to get RID of!

    “Under our current monetary scheme, debt and deficits not only don’t matter but are actually necessary in order to maintain a stable money supply. The reason was explained by Marriner Eccles, governor of the Federal Reserve Board, in hearings before the House Committee on Banking and Currency in 1941. Wright Patman asked Eccles how the Federal Reserve got the money to buy government bonds.

    “We created it,” Eccles replied.

    “Out of what?”

    “Out of the right to issue credit money.”

    “And there is nothing behind it, is there, except our government’s credit?”

    “That is what our money system is,” Eccles replied. “If there were no debts in our money system, there wouldn’t be any money.”

    That could explain why the US debt hasn’t been paid off since 1835. It has just continued to grow and the economy has grown and flourished along with it.

    Link to article:

  7. To be clear, I DO BELIEVE that deficits matter. They cause interest to accrue and if big enough ALL your money must pay off your debt. Ask David Koch if it matters.

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