Regime change? Cabinet resigns?

Yea, how about here in Wisconsin!!! Or Congress?

By Jack E. Lohman

Look, these guys don’t work for the taxpayers, as our Constitution demands and they pretend. They work for the Fat Cats that fund their elections, and I’m not liking the results at all.

The average citizen is incredibly detached from the reality that major campaign bribes control our destiny.

Now Paul Ryan wants to privatize Medicare when it is ALREADY 95% private doctors, hospitals and clinics. Even WPS, its administrator in Madison, is a private contractor. But Ryan wants to change it to a voucher system and private insurance, because private insurers can give campaign bribes and Medicare can’t.

That will necessitate a 20% increase in Medicare costs, either to the taxpayers or elderly patients. All because we’ll then have to fund exorbitant CEO salaries and bonuses and luxurious retirement benefits and stock options and broker commissions and denial costs and shareholder profits and even campaign contributions (which will also be passed on to the patient).

Nice try, Paul.

Thanks to George Bush the private insurers already have 20% of the Medicare market through Medicare Advantage, but they now want 100% so they can have unfettered control over premium rises. And we taxpayers pay the “privates” 17% more than traditional Medicare.

So if Ryan gets his way, we geezers go on welfare instead? Smart.

Why do I trust Medicare? Because (a) I’ve been on Medicare for seven years and have had zero problems, (b) I was a Medicare provider for 20 years and had zero problems collecting my costs, (c) Medicare has nearly a half century of experience and has never canceled or declined a qualified patient, (d) and a Medicare-for-all system would provide first-class CheneyCare to 100% of Americans and save $400 billion in wasted administrative costs.

Oh gee, Ryan says, I didn’t know that.

It’s all a game by a very clever congress!

It absolutely amazes me that these jokers, with a straight face, can lead our nation through this shut-down charade… this game of chicken to see who gives in first.

My guess is that they will heroically find a solution that satisfies all of their campaign funders, just in the nick of time.

We have a congress that has given away the store — to the Fat Cats that funded their elections — and they’ve purposely scared the hell out of us. That’s the game plan.  Shock and awe. First the tax breaks for the wealthy, now they want to reset on the backs of the taxpayers without affecting their corporate giveaways. Mostly it’s the House Republicans dancing to the Tea Party’s tune, but the Dems have been getting their share of the graft for going along with the game.

The middle-class will pay for it through their increased foreclosures, loss of jobs, bankruptcies, welfare, food stamps and other government services. Yes, we’ll still protect and pay for the elderly, but we’ll do it in a way that make the politicians shine and with as much privatization as possible. And maybe another tax break for the wealthy.

If the voters have any smarts, they’ll replace all politicians in 2012.

12 Responses to Regime change? Cabinet resigns?

  1. At least while these jokers are screwing around on the budget issue, they don’t have time to break anything else in Washington.

  2. Dean Weichmann says:

    Robert Reich has pointed out that without a financialy healthy working class even the rich cannot sustain a good economy thus even they will be poorer. As has been said before, a rising tide raises all boats. An economy sustained by employing the most people at reasonably wages helps everyone. The interesting thing is that the rich do even better when the rest of us are better off. Ryans prescription is just the opposite of what we need.

    Tax the rich, help the poor, put people to work and the rich will also get richer.

  3. Yea, I agree, Dean. But I think the rich need not get richer than they already are. But if they did so with shareholder approval that would be okay… like via the “Compliant Corporation” I wrote about a while back.

  4. Hank says:

    Hi, I’m in WI and I found your site last week. I’m new to the good parts of socialism after being a nerd Republican since Goldwater. Recently I decided that 30 years of Reagonomics was the supreme scam of the last 150 years and I went left with a passion. It’s heartening to read your articles which coincide with my new politics about 95%.

    Anyway, Robert Reich said last week, that if the rich were taxed as they were during JFK, the 2011 deficit would vanish.

  5. Hank says:

    The goose that lays the golden egg is the American middle class, not the rich. Save the goose, tax the rich.

  6. You and Robert Reich are correct, Hank, but just try and tax the rich. They fund the elections and there ain’t nobody going to stop their ripoff. Importantly, the poor are not going to get us out of this, only the rich can. And the sooner the politicians realize this the quicker we can get to rebuilding the country.

    • Dean Weichmann says:

      Jack, Reich’s point is that it would be benificial for the rich if they also realized that helping the rest of society helps them as well.

      Reich also seconds your thought that Medicare for all is the best way.

      • Yea, I agree Dean. But the rich are better at being greedy than they are smart. IF they don’t step in and help fix the system we’ll see armed rebellion in America as well.

  7. Hank says:

    Paul Ryan IS Adolph Hitler. Both see the elderly, the disabled and the poor as non-productive members of society.

    Literally, Ryan wants to deliberately murder the old, sick and poor by denying them basic food and medical care. Before they die, however, they will make the health corporation richer with Ryan’s pathetic vouchers. Ryan is a despicable whore.

  8. Well, I disagree Hank. Walker is bad, but not THAT bad. What he is doing is bowing to the wishes of his moneyed interests and the elderly are simply collateral damage. Walker ought to go but not because he wants the geezers to die, but because he is basically on the take.

  9. Hank says:

    I wrote about Ryan not Walker. Now do you agree? But W is on the take.

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