I’ve got an idea… ZERO taxes for the top 1%!

Yea, let them keep their hoard and leave. The rest of us will carry the country forward. THEY are holding us back.

By Jack E. Lohman

Hey rich guys, just get out of the way!!!

Take your stash — most of which was obtained through insider trading and ripping off shareholders, retirement accounts and taxpayers — and find another country that will lick your boots. But buy yourself plenty of security, maybe even a private army, because the pirates and kidnappers are on foreign land too. David Rockefeller found that out the hard way in Chile.

Just know that henceforth your family will never be free or safe.

Of course the politicians won’t like this idea at all, because the rich guys fund their elections and the poor ones don’t. That’s why they didn’t want the banks to fail. That’s why they didn’t bail out Main Street. That’s why taxpayer money was used to save the rich and the bankers, and in fact give them a 30% increase in pay last year.

That’s why they’ll do everything they can to make the rich guys happy and keep them in the country. Bribes work!

And Yea, I know. We middle-income taxpayers will have to make up the difference, but at least we can bring the jobs back and stabilize America.

Don’t like this idea?

Then do something about it.

Convert your politicians from corporate reliance for their campaign funds by giving them an option: public funding of campaigns. The cost is just $5 per taxpayer per year, hundreds of times less than we are paying today for corrupt political giveaways.

Or the other political option: DEFEAT!  Force a MASSIVE turnover in congress every election until the corruption is eliminated.

We are headed toward a national rebellion that will make the demonstrations in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen look like cakewalks. But they had rocks and our people have guns, so it won’t be pretty. We are rapidly becoming a second-world nation and soon to be third-world.

Don’t let them do this to us!

Egypt’s problem is political corruption, and America’s problem is also political corruption. The simple solution is to eliminate our corruption so U.S. protests are not necessary.

But that is going to take voters not blinded by ideology and willing to throw out even those in their own party, until we get the problem fixed. And ONLY public funding of campaigns will do it.

One thing is guaranteed: the poor cannot pull us out of this mess; only the rich can. Unfortunately it is they who fund the elections.

2 Responses to I’ve got an idea… ZERO taxes for the top 1%!

  1. thomas herzog says:

    Great article, Mr.Lohman! The one small thing I’ll take issue with is your characterization as the U.S. becoming a Second World nation. From what I understand, that nomenclature came out of the Cold War; the First World was North America north of Mexico and Western Europe; the Second World was the old Soviet bloc and the Third World was the undeveloped nations of what is generally referred to as “the global south”. With its enormous distribution of wealth and its thoughtlessly corrupt political practices, particularly at the Federal level, I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch to categorize the U.S. as having recently devolved to Third World status or perhaps a mid-latitude Banana Republic.

  2. Yea, Thomas, your history is better than mine. It is incredible, however, that we allow our politicians to be a part of this nation’s demise. They should be ashamed. Better, we should term-limit them in 2012.

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