What drives a guy like Walker?

Or better, what drives all politicians that give away taxpayer assets in their quest to stay in office?

By Jack E. Lohman

Surely Scott Walker is out to be the best he can be, in his case the best conservative rather than the best liberal. Politicians choose based on where the money is or where their heart is. In Walker’s case it had to be the money, and it seems that he wants to go national.

Tom Barrett was a soft-shoer and didn’t run on the issues that counted to the voters, so many stayed home.

At the very least Walker has done for the Dems what they have needed for a long time; he lit a fire under them. They are now very upset, yet if they want to retake the state they will have to get serious about what matters to the people. But they must first educate them on the root problem; campaign cash.

They are stuck on “better schools” and the like, when political corruption got us here and only the elimination of political corruption will get us back on track. Otherwise we are headed to third-world status, and we have a good start on it.

Barrett totally missed the mark. He should have said “Folks, only one thing matters: public funding of campaigns. IF we can get our politicians working for the taxpayers rather than the Fat Cats that now fund their elections, they’ll start making decisions that better our schools, health care, jobs, and everything else. THAT is the one issue I am running on. All else will be fixed in the process.”

But he didn’t, and he lost.

Let’s just assume for a moment…

… that Scott Walker is correct. That those nasty old public workers are overpaid and we could privatize their jobs for less money. I’d argue against private being “less,” but let’s assume it could be “the same.” So we have taken the 20% of government waste and instead distributed it to private contractors for shareholder profits, CEO salaries and bonuses, and political contributions.

Are we ahead??? Is it better that we taxpayers pay private skip-loader drivers the going rate of $35 per hour union wages than public workers the same? Most certainly for the CEOs that write the campaign checks, the answer is yes.

It would seem a wash, until you consider that private contractors that give political bribes often get expanded work and projects that we otherwise wouldn’t spend money on. Like rebuilding a Zoo Interchange when repaving would suffice. Or widening I94 to Chicago or beautifying the Marquette Interchange.

So folks, we have one major problem that blocks all other progress: political payola. Corrupt politicians. Unless that is stopped, nothing — ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! — will change. Nothing else matters. Quit fighting the little fires; eliminate the campaign bribes. Only then can we stop unnecessary taxes caused by wasteful spending. Even the Tea Partiers would love that. Follow the money!

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