If Ryan is serious, he’ll fight political corruption

The Fair Elections Now Act is “fair,” and that’s it’s problem

By Jack E. Lohman

The Fair Elections Now Act is a very strong election reform bill, but that of course makes its passage more difficult. It would level the playing field, which is exactly what our lawmakers don’t want. And it limits their cash bribes.

Why else would Paul Ryan want to shift Medicare to private vouchers if the insurance industry weren’t paying him to do it? Or privatize social security if the banks weren’t sending him cash?

Were political bribes not flowing the United States would not be heading to third-world status. And while we are getting closer to it every day, it doesn’t bother politicians because they share in the wealth and they too get richer off their piece of the booty.

As it is, Medicare and Social Security need tweaking, but adding 20% to their costs by transferring them to a private industry that needs constant bailouts by taxpayers is not the way to do it.

Medicare is already 95% private, with fair fees supported by 60% of doctors (and growing). And though it does need better oversight to stop fraud, private fraud is even greater because it is more profitable and doesn’t involve as much jail time.

And putting a lock box on Social Security so our bought-and-paid-for politicians can’t rob it to spend on some special-interest giveaway, and removing the caps so those with higher incomes pay proportionately more into it, will stabilize it virtually overnight.

So why can’t we do this? Follow the political money.

Right now the unions are fighting for their jobs, which is exactly what the Koch Brothers and their Republican puppets want them to be doing. All while the real problem that created the budget crisis (special interest spending) is not being discussed, they are laughing all the way to the bank. It’s called “diversion” and it is working quite well. The rich have the cash to make this happen… this taking from the poor.

The Dems must redirect their ire if they are going to win long term. We must get all organizations thinking cash bribes, or this is just one of many small fires. We need a non-conflicted congress to return and ensure that Democracy is protected from those who want to pocket our riches, which is not unlike that which is occurring in third-world countries whose politicians are also for sale to the highest bidder.

Even my own State Senator, Alberta Darling from River hills, joined the (very questionable!) fundraising trip to Washington DC immediately following her vote for the Walker bill to kill public unions. Campaign reform *IS* ultimately going to happen in Wisconsin, and if state Republicans were smart they’d make sure it was on their watch. They’d lock themselves in for years to come.

4 Responses to If Ryan is serious, he’ll fight political corruption

  1. We are shooting at the little fires and ignoring the big one; the political payola and corruption that has driven or kept some countries in third-world status with only an upper and lower class, and no middle. Egypt and Tunisia did something about it and Libya is now trying. But huge amounts of people died in their civil wars.

    THAT will occur in the US (again!) if we do not clean up our system. I do not want my taxes used to pad the pockets of the wealthy, nor do our protesters in Madison. It’s a small message but it isn’t going away.

  2. Jim Mueller says:

    Having a Direct Representation Selection system instead of a winner-takes-all election system, would allow non-moneyed politicians to get in the door. http://www.DirectRep.info

  3. I agree Jim, though I’m not sure if direct representation is better/worse than ranked choice (IRV). But I do know that our politicians prefer the winner-take-all system because it tilts in their favor, and the last thing in the world they want is something that is fair to all candidates. They like the two-party duopoly.

  4. Eugene Barufkin says:

    Jack are you serious? –
    – Wasting space to ask if Ryan would fight political corruption?
    He wallows in, profits from, and supports bills that protect the corruption world.
    I hope this answers your question.

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