Okay, Houston, now we really have a problem!

By Jack E. Lohman

Japan started it with their earthquake. Nuclear power plants were hit hard and explosions have allowed nuclear waste into the air. 

I’m certainly not an expert on energy, and will have to depend on my nation’s “board of directors” to safeguard my family. You know, like, to trust our esteemed congressional senators and representatives to make the right decisions.

I know that nuclear is powerful and efficient, though plants surely can’t be built on the earth’s quake fault lines. We’ve seen what that does. And they can be targets for terrorists, and at least some will be. But worse, the industry is politically powerful and they’ll use every political chit they have to stay dominant (whether in our nation’s best interest or not).

Wind turbines are “renewable” because the wind never stops and is free. But I don’t want them in my back yard because they give off an aggravating hum 24/7. Solar is also renewable, at least while the sun is shining. I could live with them but they aren’t very pretty. Coal and oil is what we have been using but they are dirty and have emissions that foul the air we breathe. Geothermal electricity is another renewable option.

We need a source that is clean and efficient, so it ought to be an easy political decision.

But wait!

Most (or is it ALL?) of our congressmen receive campaign contributions (political bribes) from these very energy companies, like from coal, oil, wind, nuclear and solar. Yea, that means they are on their payroll and conflicted, so this isn’t going to be easy.

There will be political battles to get one or the other to survive. And lobbying by itself isn’t bad, but lobbying with cash in hand is criminal (or would be if someone other than the politicians receiving the bribes were making the call).

And if all goes normal the worst decisions will prevail, because the amount of political cash will increase to whatever it takes to get the bad bill passed. Political bribes flow and the worst decisions will always rise to the top and garner the most cash in bribes. Correct decisions don’t cost anything in bribes, so don’t count on your congressman voting that way.

Sooo, I’ll put my money on the Koch Brothers. They seem to know the lay of the land.

If there ever was a critical issue that needed to be resolved without political payola, it is whether we should continue or abandon nuclear power. And the time is now!

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  1. From Public Citizen:

    Stunning Statistics of the Week:

    • $6 million: How much the Nuclear Energy Institute and Exelon spent to lobby federal officials last year
    • $4.4 million: The amount both entities gave in campaign contributions to congressional candidates over the past two years
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