An after-thought for Scott Walker

Call it the “Public Employee Equality Act”

By Jack E. Lohman

I support the Governor on some things and not on others. He’s not 100% right nor 100% wrong, though he is clearly a Bull in a China Shop and seems unduly influenced by outside cash.

He needs some teaching and I suspect the courts will oblige him.

That collective bargaining for public unions was first a vital budget item — and then it wasn’t — does not fare well for him. It clearly shows that his original motive was union busting, which will indeed reduce financial support for the Dems.

Good thinking, Scott; let’s make this a one-party political system funded by the David Koch’s of the world! That sure fits in with Walker’s real agenda (GUK), which isn’t labor but is the selling off of Wisconsin’s infrastructure to Fat Cat contributors!

I don’t know if public employees are overpaid or not, and I suspect that neither does Scott Walker. Very likely some are, and very likely some aren’t. If Walker can be criticized for anything it most certainly is that he did not prepare the soil before planting. He should have had a study performed by the state’s non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau or Government Accountability Board so both sides knew the answer.

But he preferred brute force. See the changes HERE (USAT).

What we now need is a law that protects public worker’s salaries and retirements. If they are too high, cut them. We all have to feel the pain, at least until we eliminate the politicians who are causing it.

But if they are too low, as is claimed by outside sources, raise them to match those in private industry, adjusting for teacher’s increased education. Let’s be fair to both the employees and taxpayers.

Clearly Walker has succeeded in getting us diverted from the real issue; politicians giving away taxpayer assets… not to the unions but to the special interests that fund their elections.

(But as well, those fighting to protect public sector wages (WSJ) must recognize that the costs of such are borne by the private sector in increased taxes. We must seek a happy medium.)

Why do we even have this guy Walker???

Scott Walker rode in on the backs of voters very disappointed in President Obama’s lack of everything. Call it the Obama Backlash… like the Bush Backlash that got Obama elected in the first place. Obama campaigned to the Left and is governing to the Right, and he lost a lot of progressive support and they stayed home in November.

So we do indeed need a do-over. Let’s have new elections for both the R’s and D’s that fall in the “morning after” category. Let the gathering of signatures play out, and let the unions litigate their contracts and the Dems fight the R’s in court.

But then let’s move on, and eliminate the political corruption that caused these problems in the first place!

I think we have one major threat that nobody wants to talk about, and that’s an Egypt-style rebellion and a military takeover of our (corrupt) government. At 73 I hope it doesn’t happen on my watch, but I worry about my kids and grandkids. Only cleaning up our government — today — will forestall it.

Also see: Where is the next shoe to drop?

4 Responses to An after-thought for Scott Walker

  1. Eugene Barufkin says:

    Another example of Repugnant Walker’s privatizing –
    “The proposed change could mean $100 million in additional revenue for
    the private companies that sell prescription drug plans in Wisconsin.
    That estimate is based on the average premium and Medicare’s projected
    payments to the companies. Only a fraction of the revenue would become
    Low-income elderly could lose drug plan
    – SeniorCare enrollees face costlier program
    By Guy Boulton of the Journal Sentinel

    • Eugene, one guy said “Just when we thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse…” and he doesn’t fully understand why we elected Walker. They say things MUST get worse before they get better, and Walker was elected so we could get the first part out of the way…

      But as well, Walker is going to hang himself… let him do it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here’s some teacher data from Illinois, though the last thing I want to do is give Walker any supporting arguments. Illinois is not Wisconsin, and Walker still owes us a non-biased study.

    And NONE of this is justification for Walker being owned and operated by the Koch Brothers.

    • Eugene Barufkin says:

      Fact that gets lost –
      Illinois raised the tax rate for upper bracket earners to knock down IL deficits.
      However, the top tax rates in IL are still less than Wisconsin.
      Thus Democrats do it one way to fewer people, and Rerepugnants another to more people.
      Either way some people get screwed.
      Take your pick which way you want to get screwed and how often.
      However – Why not follow the lead of the tea party re “keep govt out of private lives” (this should include bedrooms) and just keep it to yourself in private????
      Sorry Jack, my anger level is very high.

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