What Egypt means to America?

That ultimately we too will fall…

By Jack E. Lohman

Americans do not like to talk of this, but it is inevitable. They are throwing rocks but we have guns. Ours won’t be as nice.

We at least have a semblance of fair elections, but increasingly they are controlled by the top 3% of the wealthy and the politicians that benefit from the payola. And the fact that our Constitution has been construed to make money = speech and corporations = people has made matters worse.

The Fat Cats have their personal vote, but they also control the purse strings that excite the politicians.

Looking at the Egyptian protests it is too soon to tell whether they are going to be ahead or behind when it’s all over. In any gathering of this type the Bell curve tells us that there are some very good people at one end and some very bad people at the other.

Who prevails will dictate whether or not the “fix” has longevity, but other Middle East countries will tumble as well.

Only free and fair elections can move Egypt forward. And for emboldening Iran? Yea, perhaps the group that protested earlier will start up again.

But that’s true of the U.S. as well

Let’s hope that our politicians see the handwriting on the wall. They surely must know that they’ve pushed Americans too far.

They’ve allowed the bankers to violate security laws and thus far have refused to prosecute them. Isn’t having money great?

They’ve allowed the bankers and financial institutions to rip off taxpayers and effectively transfer wealth to those at the top. Wealthy people got even wealthier as assets from 401(k)’s, retirement plans, and housing values transferred from our pockets to theirs.

They’ve allowed corporations to send our jobs to countries whose wages are 1/10th ours. In fact they’ve subsidized them with taxpayer cash.

Good guys these. Our congressmen are this nation’s board of directors yet they are protecting only those at the top, because those at the top fund their campaigns. Can that be called anything but bribery and payola?

Only public funding of campaigns will get these jerks working for us rather than them.


  1. Like Egypt, President Obama is currently seeking permission to shut down the Internet in a national “cyber attack.” But will it stop there?
  2. And, why are gas prices increasing so much? Because they CAN. The speculators saw our economy recovering and Egypt was a good excuse to get a piece of it. So they did.
  3. Now the pro-Mubarak citizens are out. One side or the other are probably paid agitators.
  4. What do the polls say? Where is the majority on this? What’s wrong with calling immediate, internationally supervised elections, without the U.S. being involved? Even let Mubarak run and see if he is the better-liked candidate!

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