Now a balanced budget amendment???

Sounds absolutely great, until you look at the obvious…

By Jack E. Lohman

The obvious?

Yea, let’s assume that Gov. Scott Walker were to be presented with and signs such an amendment to Wisconsin’s constitution. Would you trust your politician to vote on your behalf, given that his political campaign is funded by corporate interests that want just the opposite?

Ask these questions:

  • If your politician’s choice is to “balance the budget” by either (a) cutting entitlement or social spending, or (b) cutting spending on pork barrel projects or no-bid contracts for the corporate interests that fund his elections, which way do you think the vote will go?
  • If your politician’s choice is to raise taxes on the top 3% of wage earners, or not, would you expect him to do that if those top 3% are the funders of his campaign? Even if raising those taxes are necessary to the vital interests of the state or nation? Or would he instead cut entitlements to protect his funders?

The truth is that a balanced budget amendment WILL NOT WORK until we have public funding of campaigns. We cannot trust these yokels today and we will not be able to trust them tomorrow… unless we get the campaign bribes out of the system.

Damn I get tired of constantly harping on this, but virtually every time I look at an issue it is controlled by the Fat Cats that fund the elections. I want these politicians working for the public, not the private interests. Is that too much to ask?

And yes, I believe in some privatization, but not of the politicians I expect to function as an unbiased board of directors for the state.

We can no longer afford the foxes guarding the hen house. Let’s hope that Walker fixes the electoral system before we move on.

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