Hey CNN and Fox… the U.S. has corruption too!

And it killed our economy, and transferred wealth upward!

By Jack E. Lohman

Guys, it’s not just corruption in Afghanistan and Russia and Mexico. We’ve got it too and it affects us in the same way. It has trashed our economy and sent vast taxpayer dollars upward, to the elites that bribed the politicians that created our recession in the first place.

All this while CNN, Fox and other mainstream media outlets have skirted the issue, asking politicians softball questions that do not expose their payola and essentially blaming our economy on everything but what caused its crash… our corrupt political system.

Is it any wonder that people have turned to internet bloggers who tell it like it is?

Remember the health care debate?

As far as politicians were concerned, their $125 million in campaign bribes was enough to keep single-payer off the table. Medicare-for-all would have worked well, yet the last thing the industry wanted was something that worked. But how many bribes did the mainstream media take in terms of advertising dollars from insurance companies? Was that payola enough to also keep real reform from their audience? That answer is obviously YES.

Were they also concerned that asking tough questions would dry up their politician base that keeps their interview programs going? To look at Candy Crowley’s recent softball interview with Mitch McConnell, that answer is YES as well.

Together the complete mainstream media talks only about “the politics” and totally avoids the “political corruption.” They obviously know who butters their bread.

Transparency International’s Corruption Index has the United States political system ranked at 22nd best.

WHAT??? Why are we not the cleanest, ranked at #1???

That position was tied between Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore. But of course Singapore is said to execute corrupt politicians, while we just “censure” them. The same tax evasion that puts normal Americans in jail, got King Charlie Rangel a slap on the wrist. A 60-second scolding in front of Nancy Pelosi and a bunch of his other “esteemed colleagues”.

And Harlem keeps voting him back in. Go figure.

Can you imagine that their political protocol demands that they refer to each other as “Esteemed Colleagues???” This is their obvious attempt to put themselves on a throne in front of the public, when 80% of them should instead be in prison.

Nothing positive will happen until we fix the corruption!

While Rome is burning we are playing partisan political games. Hopefully we’ll wake up before an armed American rebellion and our own people take to the streets. But our government is gearing up to squash even our own protesters. Don’cha know… this is a country of “We The People.”

We MUST have 100% political turnover every two years until we get the politicians off the corporate dole.

I am constantly reminded of Winston Churchill’s quote: “America will always do the right thing, but only after everything else fails.” Must we prove him correct?

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