Why are Obama and the Dems caving?

Because they have been paid to cave!

By Jack E. Lohman

I used to say I was a Republican to be differentiated from Obama, but now it doesn’t matter. He’s one of us.

The R’s really have him scared… not even a whimper or even a threat that he was going to hold their feet to the fire. They must have looked at him really mean, because he just wimped out.

He should have said, “Fine. You tell the unemployed that you killed their checks, and the middle-wage-earners that you killed their tax break. *I* will take the heat for not extending the tax breaks to the wealthiest 1%. Let’s see who wins in 2012.”

But he didn’t. He was not smart. He could have fixed them in January.

But instead he caved, because he’s in the same pockets as the other guys. Thus we got a $900 billion tax break for the wealthy, and a tax cut on inheritances to children who didn’t have to work for the money, all adding to the deficit for our kids. The same deficit they want to cut.

Good thinking, and yea, the politicians got their share of the booty. Especially the 40 millionaires in the senate (Kohl is one of them, Johnson will soon join him).

Update: Obama finally signed the tax giveaway into law. The very Republicans that hated extending unemployment because it wasn’t paid for, jumped with glee when the extended tax breaks for the wealthy passed (that also weren’t paid for, and will be passed to our children). All because the wealthy elites fund the elections.

Make no mistake: 60% of the public support was because of the extension of unemployment benefits and middle-class tax cuts. They absolutely abhorred the tax cuts for the wealthy in the bargain to get support by the Republican pirates.

And then there’s the healthcare mess

Obama should accept the recent court ruling that the mandates are unconstitutional, and rebound with a national single-payer system that 65% of the public supports. ObamaCare can’t function without the mandated funding, and the Supreme Court will likely sustain the ban.

We can’t wait two years until this reaches the Supreme Court; we need an immediate fix. We don’t want to build a broken system now and tear it down later; we want to build it correctly in the beginning. We’ve had enough congressional boondoggles.

We need a smart fix, one which would never have been taken off the table in the first place, had it not been for the $125 million in campaign bribes from the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

It is absolutely stupid that we are willing to adopt an ineffective, inefficient, costly ObamaCare system just to satisfy moneyed interests, when what we need is to eliminate the administrative waste and spend the money on health care instead. We can extend care to 100% of the public and save $400 billion in the process. Let’s do it.

We should be paying for care when the care is delivered, not paying for the “potential of care” through for-profit insurance policies. That’s what Bugsy Siegel did. And we should relieve businesses of this cost so they can spend that money on creating jobs instead.

One thing is for sure…

We don’t have stupid politicians but we do have corrupt ones.

If BOTH parties weren’t in the pocket of special interests they’d be making decisions in the best interest of our voters, our economy and our country. They would make good decisions rather than bad decisions. They’d be growing OUR nation rather than letting greedy CEOs twist the rules while they grow other nations.

They argue that lower taxes are needed, but Bush’s lower taxes didn’t create jobs. And the CEO wealth is already at an all-time high and they are not re-investing in the United States. They want to become more wealthy instead, and that is best done in growing economies rather than the U.S.. Go figure.

When all is said, the voters and taxpayers don’t fund their elections; the Fat Cats who are repaid with further tax breaks and pork barrel projects do. And over 6000 earmarks costing $8 billion are in the current budget bill, with Republicans right in the mix.

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