Does Wikileaks help or harm?

By Jack E. Lohman

I frankly don’t know — and none of us do — how these leaks will finally play out. Will the end-effect be more positive or negative? Both sides are gambling that they are right.

The leaks may be the best thing that ever happened to our nation — embarrassing our politicians enough that they end all unnecessary wars and aggression, which I favor — though they may instead prove catastrophic with a lot of innocent people being killed. The defense manufacturers will like that a lot.

We’ll likely see both, but I wonder if there wasn’t a less brutal way of making use of the data.

I also strenuously object to the premise that one arrogant jerk has taken it upon himself to play God with our country and the lives of my family. I’m 73 and it doesn’t much affect me, but I am concerned for them.

In the past I’ve looked at war as being necessary at times, until I realized that it is often decided by a bunch of chicken-hawk politicians that have been elected or retained with the help of campaign cash — read, bribes — from defense manufacturers.

Would this country be as aggressive if these politicians were not on the payroll of the fighter jet, armed tank and warship manufacturers?

No, I think we’d be easier to get along with. Our politicians have demonstrated that absolutely nothing is sacred — not even the good of the country or the lives of our troops — if it stands between them and huge campaign checks. And we passive voters stand by while it all happens.

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