Why fight this never-ending battle?

Because it’s the only one that will make a difference… and the closer we get the more the politicians oppose it.

By Jack E. Lohman

Sometimes I think at 73 I should just hang it up. But then I see the politicians and their billionaire buddies ripping off my kids and grandkids and become even more intent on putting these jokers in prison.

Though it is also distressing to see so many Americans fighting tiny battles they’ll never win, as long as the corporations own our politicians. Like the time it took us 3 years to get smoking out of daycare centers because Philip Morris owned our governor and state legislature, Governor-elect Scott Walker included.

Public funding of campaigns would have seen passage in 3 days.

Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs

Blankfein’s wealth: $450 million and climbing.

The rich guys at our nation’s top usually didn’t get richer because they grew the country or its GDP. They got richer by manipulating and looting and crashing the economy, and sharing their wealth with the politicians that helped make it all happen. They got rich by creating and pocketing the losses of mainstream America’s 401(k)’s, retirement accounts and housing values. That’s called a “transfer of wealth.”

They got Obama to appoint their buddies — the foxes Larry Summers and Tim Geithner — to guard the chicken coop and bail out the banks, and they paid off the politicians to look the other way. There is a concerted effort to convert Social Security and Medicare assets to Fat Cat wealth, if we let them succeed, of which Reps. Paul Ryan and Jim Sensenbrenner are supportive.

We may see total anarchy or rebellion before we turn the country around, if it is even reversible.

I think of my friends Julie and Dan who worked like hell to buy their third house and put their two kids into school. Dan started his own company to insulate houses, then the housing market crashed. All because the politicians were paid handsomely to pass NAFTA and other export laws that seemed to be “free trade,” but only for the countries with wages one-tenth ours. People without jobs don’t buy houses.

And now the other countries have our jobs and my friends are $300K in debt and filing for bankruptcy and their house is in foreclosure. And millions of Americans find themselves in the same trouble… all while our politicians bounce around with their hands still out promising not to raise taxes on the wealthy (if they just kick in a bit, mind you).

And no, the rich guys don’t care because they’ve already bought or planned their island in some other country, where all they have to worry about are pirates and military coups. My heart bleeds for them.

So to the Lefties, the Righties and those in between, is this where you want your country to go? Isn’t it now time to install rules that keep our government honest? Being 22nd best on the corruption index is nothing to brag about.

It does not matter what your issue — taxes, health care, or the war — it will not be resolved as long as our politicians are taking bribes. Vote them out and the new ones will gladly take the campaign dollars. Only public funding of campaigns will fix it. It’s the big fire from which little fires grow.

2 Responses to Why fight this never-ending battle?

  1. patty says:

    I’ve have been watching our polititions for a long time.I have issues with them . They are getting braver by the minute. They no longer try to hide the corruption. I would love to help get them out of office. They are such liars and spinners of whats happening it makes me sick. Is there a way to impeach them? They are so corrupt and have been so corrupt that they don’t even know the difference from right and wrong. We have got to make a move.The repubs took over the tea baggers, the teabaggers took over the folks that had the first teabagger bomb for Ron Paul. when Dick Army spoke at a teabagger get together, I could’nt believe what I was seeing. It’s all one party. It’s the people against corrupt gov’t. If concerned folks don’t start screaming now, we will be forced to take drastic measures to stop this catastrophy, that will happen in our country. I promise you, this I have never been a violent person, but if this continues, we will have to band together to save this country and this planet

  2. Thanks Patty. Just keep voting and rally your friends to vote only for challengers; not for incumbents. Also you can sign up for my newsletter at the top, which will help keep you up to date. We must fix the system if we are to head off a rebellion.

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