Obama coddles India!

How about just applying the Golden Rule?

by Jack E. Lohman

Well, here we are… a Harley motorcycle in India costs twice what it would in the US because India applies a 100% import tariff. So Harley decides to manufacture bikes in India to avoid the tariff and poof, there goes our jobs. Just what India wanted.

We must do the same thing with all products and services (like call centers) imported from India and other countries with similar tariffs. Turnabout is fair play, and vitally needed if our economy is to survive.

And get this: we now even provide some multinational companies with taxpayer-paid subsidies to outsource jobs to India! And India, smart people that they are, willingly accepts the jobs.  Duh!!!

Would this type of malfeasance — no, criminal activity — continue under a system of publicly financed campaigns, where our politicians were beholden to us rather than them?

Absolutely not. But our multinational corporations paid dearly in the form of campaign contributions, to legally bribe the politicians that carried their water.

India is a small piece of a gigantic political Con game. The bottom line is that politicians have been willing to sell their constituents down the tubes for easy money, all because easy money usually wins elections faster than hard money.

But we cleared a major hurdle

On November 2nd we threw at least some of the bastards out. And there will be more to come in 2012 unless the R’s get the message that they are on probation. Let’s see if they have the guts to cut the right spending and leave Social Security and Medicare improved rather than gutted, and whether they’ll improve health care rather than going back to the privatized system that failed so miserably.

Or will they take the easy road and spend our taxes on more government favors for Corporate America?

If they do they’re gone, just as 50% of the Blue Dog Dems found themselves unemployed.

Yes, some good guys got the boot, but we managed to keep the brain-dead wackos from getting into office. The Tea Party did more good here than damage, but they clearly must monitor their leaders.

We are on our way. Not all was bad.

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