Please excuse my outrage…

… but this is indeed insane!

By Jack E. Lohman

Now even the Left is confusing political corruption.

In “After the Big Crash, The GOP Wants to Deregulate … Again,” the author does an excellent job outlining the Republican’s plan to repeal the new banking regulations.

But then he says “It’s cynicism. There’s no other rational explanation.”

Wrong. There is a rational explanation, and it’s not cynicism; it’s called political corruption! Payola. Bribery. Criminal activity that must be prosecuted. Our government employees (congressmen) are bought and paid for by the bankers and should go directly to jail!!! All of them.

Though a (usual) Republican, even I cannot accept the likes of Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. If this is what we have to look forward to in a November turnover, I want nothing of it. The turnover must be in the primaries, where new Dems replace old Dems and the same for Republicans. 100% of them must go!

A little history here…

In 1999 our trusted politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike, repealed the Glass-Steagall banking regulations that were put into place following the financial crash of the 1930’s. It served us well, until campaign cash (bribes) succeeded in winning the hearts and minds of our trusted congressmen, championed by Republican Phil Gramm. The repeal was signed by Bill Clinton, though with 90 senators voting for it even a veto would not have slowed it.

Also came our Fat-Cat-backed NAFTA and CAFTA and all of our jobs went to other countries, and the Bush $680 billion tax breaks for the rich converted a surplus to a deficit, and the 2003 Medicare Drug program and its $780 billion giveaway to the pharmaceutical industry.

And then, surprise, the crash of the 2000’s upended our nation and we all wondered why.

So in 2010…

… congress passed a financial reform bill that put some (but not enough) of those regulations back in place, and the Republicans now want to repeal even those. They like that the banker bonuses fuel their campaign coffers, and under the banner of “smaller government” want the bankers and other elites protected.

And those tax breaks for the rich? Even some Dems are rallying behind their wealthy friends. The elites are paying off members of both parties, so this is what to expect.

It does not matter that the tax breaks helped crash the economy, they want them to remain. They created no jobs then, but claim they will now. In fact the reverse occurred. Go figure.

“You hear it all the time these days: The top 1% of Americans own more wealth than the bottom 45% of the rest of Americans combined.” What will happen as they acquire even more?  Will they ever own it ALL?  When will the wealth transfer stop, or will the “little people” revolt first?

Already, through this thing we call privatization, we have armed corporations Blackwater, KKR and Halliburton to protect our troops in the middle east. Forget that our troops need private protectors, what happens when the war ends and they bring those guns home? Will they turn them on our own government? Will Erik Prince (Blackwater) want to now control the American government and “save our people?”

We have a frightening world ahead, and all because our politicians want to protect their jobs with future campaign cash. And no price, not even personal integrity, is too large to pay. And no cash bribe is too small to accept. Only public funding of campaigns will reverse it.

I worry for my kids and grandkids, but I also wonder why politicians don’t as well. And I wonder about the public. Are they ready to snap? Another rebellion anyone?

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