How many more jobs must Wisconsin lose?

Two foolish burdens we place on employers…

By Jack E. Lohman

Number One… Taxes!

All businesses that manufacture their products in Wisconsin should pay ZERO Wisconsin taxes. And if that isn’t practical, they should receive a state subsidy equal to the taxes paid. Or compensate them with a rebate on wages paid. Whatever.

It is absolutely foolish that we burden businesses with a cost that is simply passed on to the consumers anyway, especially after they add their expensive accounting and legal costs to minimize them. We reimburse them at the cash register, and these business taxes nail not the corporations but the people who buy their product. And regressively, for those who care.

That is a tax on consumption and jobs, all when we need exactly the opposite. It is counterproductive.

Number Two… Healthcare Costs

Like taxes, after adding administration these costs are passed on to the consumer and jobs leave the state or country as a result.

Over $7000 per employee per year in the U.S., but $800 in Canada. Is it any surprise that GM makes more cars in Canada than in the U.S.?

ObamaCare is an atrocious deform. Not only will it burden the state with 400 new mandates and add payroll where we can’t afford it, it is also going to require massive new hires at the IRS to oversee the “mandated insurance” called for by the Feds. That is said to require 17,000 new IRS agents, though that number has been challenged.

Even if half that number, it is bad. But just think “more jobs” and you’ll get over it. (Or maybe you won’t; they are taxpayer funded.)

All of this when a Medicare-for-all single-payer system would have been less expensive and more inclusive, covering 100% of Americans and saving $400 billion per year and affecting the best bailout ever for 100% of our businesses rather than just the banks and car companies.

But $125 million in campaign bribes won the day for the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Aren’t you glad your politicians don’t come cheap?

If our state politicians were smart…

… they would implement our own single-payer healthcare system. Call it what you want, though I like “Expanded and Improved BadgerCare Plus-Plus” that pays Medicare rates plus 10% to keep doctors and hospitals fairly compensated. Make coverage equal to the state employee’s and teacher’s plan. Allow Gap insurance if employers want to enhance the coverage, but little of that should be needed.

How to fund it? Well, the taxpayers are currently paying for all of our health care needs today, even if only at the cash register. But an added surcharge on criminal fines and added fees on lobbyist licenses is a start, and there’s clearly other “less harmless” pockets that can be found. Let the lobbyists pass the cost on to the corporations that are trying to manipulate the politicians (and ultimately the people).

But let’s get moving on this before we start losing jobs to states that beat us to the punch. Minnesota is far ahead of us on this. We need employers coming and staying in Wisconsin. Not leaving.

Will we ever learn?

“America will always do the right thing, but only after everything else fails.” Winston Churchill


And a note from my friend Jim Wrich (Madison, WI):

“A tax burden on business is just a round-about way of taxing people — and it is usually regressively. A tax on gasoline, for example, affects middle and lower income people far more than it does the wealthy. Any tax on food or clothing, especially sales taxes, are regressive.”

“A graduated tax on all personal income — not just earned income — with no exemptions or deductions, would be the fairest and most efficient system. If a property tax is deemed necessary, the first $500,000 for a personal homestead should be exempt, and the property tax should not be used to fund education, only local services.”

I couldn’t agree more. We need help from the wealthy… the poor are not going to get us out of this mess.

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