Politicians must have skin in the game

We need “pay for performance” for politicians!

By Jack E. Lohman

Like when I ran my business, politicians should adhere to three, very basic, business principles:

1) Do their best and get paid accordingly. If taxes go up and tax money is spent on useful public needs and a balanced budget results, their incomes go up. If the opposite occurs, their incomes go down. Pay for performance. Accountability. That’s what they expect of teachers, isn’t it?

2) Do not take bribes from outside sources and give away company assets in return. If you do this in private industry you go to jail; not get re-elected. Work for the voters, not the bribers.

3) If I pay you to work full time, work full time! Don’t take off six months to prepare for the next vacation (or election).

Too simple? Is there something about normal business ethics that politicians don’t understand?

Not taking bribes should be a no-brainer, but the politicians call them “free speech.” That they buy legislation beneficial to the contributor and detrimental to the taxpayer should say enough.

If I give a bit of free speech to a cop to avoid a ticket, why is that illegal?

Can you imagine the results of a clean political system? Lower taxes, more jobs, fewer wars. What’s not to like about that?

Welfare Payments, Unemployment Benefits?

I have a real problem with welfare and unemployment payments when given to people who are able-bodied and can work.

Can’t find a job? Then the state should pay them $10 an hour to sweep sidewalks, shovel snow, work in humane societies, non-profit nursing homes, charity work, or whatever, for 20 hours each week. Whatever. Spend the other 20 looking for a real job. But do SOMETHING useful! Even a volunteer job.

That’s $200 per week getting paid for what could turn out to be a new profession. Certainly not in sweeping sidewalks, but working at non-profits would be useful. Even the state paying them to re-educate in a usable profession like health care would be more productive than paying them to watch television.

In the process we could reduce the number of excessively-paid government workers! Do it through attrition.

We must also help the disabled, but I know that many of them are able to and want to work. Especially the Vets. If nothing else, doing telemarketing or mailings from home. We are not doing them a favor by paying them to do nothing. In fact, letting them remain isolated is the cruelest thing we can do.

But we have serious problems…

They’re called Liberals and Conservatives. Too bad they aren’t called pragmatists.

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