Only a 100% political turnover will prevent US and state bankruptcy!

The D’s and R’s are corrupt and must all be fired…

By Jack E. Lohman

We know the Fat Cats want to own everything they can’t acquire legitimately, but where are the heads of our voters?

The liberals want only democrats to be elected and conservatives want only republicans… even when both political sides are corrupt as hell and trading our country for campaign bribes!

We must throw them all out; at least those that do not vote for the Fair Elections Now Act. Even if a change in leadership were to occur, national stability is more important than a corrupt government.

Neither the voters on the Left nor the Right fully understand the long term effects of our corrupt political system, and how every issue is affected. The Fat Cats have gotten stronger with each new congress and now totally own our politicians, who in turn will trash our jobs and economy as long as the campaign cash keeps rolling in. They now only pass or defeat laws to satisfy their campaign contributors rather than the voters.

That’s called an oligarchy, not a democracy, and a civilian rebellion is likely next. Take the food from their tables and Americans will rise up. They’ll get shot at by our own government troops and some will be killed, but that’s what happens when the political system fails.

If you haven’t seen this chart on inequality, you must. We are at the exact same point we were at in 1929, just before the crash. This time too, our politicians are very complicit. If you favor privatization, you ought to be tickled pink. We now have a privatized congress; how are you liking it so far?

There is only so much growth that we can squeeze out of GDP to satisfy the Fat Cat appetites for further wealth. The rest must come from other people’s wealth; their houses, their jobs, their 401(k)’s and retirement plans, and their kids’ schooling.

The top hedge fund managers are pulling in salaries of several billion dollars per year, and this is not coming from GDP growth. It’s coming from low and middle-income nest eggs when government bailouts occur.

Jobs that will never come back…

Companies outsource our jobs for $1 per hour so they can pocket the rest, thanks much to NAFTA and CAFTA and the politicians they bribed to pass the laws. These jobs are not coming back, so our staying a first-world country is at stake.

Our politicians are co-conspirators, enabling the wealth transfer because they share in the booty. Their salaries are paid by taxpayers but their campaigns are funded by the Fat Cats, and that virtually guarantees their job and increases their own source of wealth.

They are taking bribes to do the wrong thing at the right time. They should go to jail but they’ve twisted the laws to make the taking of political bribes legal.  If the political campaigns were instead paid by the taxpayers, the politicians would do what is in the best interest of the country.

They could pass meaningful reforms and the country would flourish. But all of our wealth would rise proportionately and the wealth divide would narrow. That’s what the Fat Cats dislike, so they bribe our politicians to keep the status quo.

This duo is stealing from my kids and grandkids. But so are they stealing from the families of my conservative friends, and I don’t understand their tolerance of this corrupt system.

I agree with the Right that government is too big, that unions are part of the problem, and that bureaucrats are over-paid. But they must agree that politicians are corrupt and we must — together — put a stop to the political bribery that is trashing our nation’s economy.

4 Responses to Only a 100% political turnover will prevent US and state bankruptcy!

  1. And let me add that Obama has to go too, IF he even chooses to run for a second term. He has been a tremendous disappointment to both the Left and Right, and seems hell-bent on destroying our nation. He is as much in the pockets of the Fat Cats as is congress.

  2. Sorry, I’ll have to take issue with your inclusion of the “left” being a part of the corporate takeover of our country. It’s true Democrats, Clinton unfortunately, were convinced over time by the loud, unrelenting Republican drumbeat. But the left is no longer a part of that plan. For Obama to be painted as a socialist tells you how powerful the right is in defining their opponents. He’s a corporate Dem. without a doubt.

    The “left” is not happy with Obama or the number of Blue Dogs “conservadems.” Because liberals have a huge problem marketing a coherent message, your message, we will continue to see the country move further right. I like to call it Wealth Care.

    We can thank the constant conservative selling of free markets, the symbolism of “freedom and liberty,” and an incompetent government filled with conservative poison pills from the last administration to swing this nation even further to the right. 92 percent domination of radio talk gives them a huge advantage.

    I will admit, I’m as frustrated as you are.

    Final thought: Yours and my message will never get traction, as long as this conservative concept, developed by Thom Hartmann, hold sway: Lying and bias. The right gets away with lying their way back into power; and the right continues to maintain the idea that the left is tainting the truth somehow with bias. Hartmann maintains that formula has convinced the country to throw the bums out. Advantage, conservatives.

  3. We’ll have to disagree on that one. When I see the Left taking millions from healthcare interests to keep single-payer and even a watered-down Medicare Option off the table, and millions more from the bankers to pass a watered down reform bill, there is no way I can cut them slack. And when Obama tables campaign reform so it doesn’t affect his or the Dem’s stash from the above, or the 2010 elections, I know the game has started. And I’m not just frustrated, I know why they are doing what they are doing and I’m mad as hell.

  4. […] “There is only so much growth that we can squeeze out of GDP to satisfy the Fat Cat appetites for further wealth. The rest must come from other people’s wealth; their houses, their jobs, their 401(k)’s and retirement plans, and their kids’ schooling.” (Source) […]

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