War is hell. But very profitable!

If war is necessary and defense products so critical, why the cash bribes to politicians to create more?

By Jack E. Lohman

If I had a product that was that necessary to win wars, I would expect the politicians to be sending me money instead!

Well, actually, they do, as Peace North in northwest Wisconsin so ably demonstrates:

“Perennial top-ranking defense contractor Lockheed Martin took in $32.1 billion from the federal government in 2006, most of it from the Pentagon. These taxpayer dollars made up more than 80 percent of the aerospace giant’s total revenues. In 2007, Lockheed Martin CEO Robert Stevens (right) took home more than $24 million 787 times the annual pay of a typical U.S. worker ($30,617). That placed the company far over the 100-to-1 standard for good corporate citizenship the pending Patriot Corporations Act proposes. To make matters worse, at the same time CEO Stevens and his fellow executives were lining his pockets with taxpayer dollars, government auditors were accusing the aerospace firm of more than $8 billion in cost overruns on weapons development projects.”

If the trend of defense industry bribes is an indication of what’s in store for us, we Americans are in deep trouble. And in this case the Dems pocketed 59% of the cash and the R’s 41%, which is clear proof that it is illegal payola and they ought to go to jail for it.

To be honest, I don’t know if these wars are necessary or not. But if my politician is going to vote on whether or not we send our troops to their potential death, I’d sure like that he not take campaign bribes from the industry that profits so dearly on his vote. I’d like him not on anybody’s payroll but the taxpayers.

And I worry that our congressmen are arming a private militia (Blackwater) in Iraq, rather than funding more US troops (at 1/4th the cost, of course). Why are we doing this? Because Blackwater can give campaign contributions and our army can’t, and that alone would be bad enough.

But what will happen to this company when the wars dry up? What if they have a crackpot, power-hungry CEO? What if he moves to support one of the fringe wacko groups? Will they close down and simply go away? Or move their taxpayer-paid arms to the US and try to overthrow our own government? Is this the legal, private militia the constitution spoke about, and the gun manufacturers love so much?

Speculation, I know, but this will not have a pretty ending.

And now we have BP…

… who not only paid heavy cash to keep the politicians from enforcing regulations, they even paid off government employees in the agencies tasked with oversight. BP (and others) must be forced to invest in the security cap that would not have stopped the explosion but would have contained the damage, but they bought their way out of that requirement. They found the right regulators to buy off.

Will this corruption ever stop? Only if the voters wise up.


Only one thing will turn this around:

  • We must pass the Fair Elections Now Act to allow honest challengers to engage in fair, competitive races.
  • To get there we’ll need to force a 100% turnover in November. ALL incumbent politicians must be unelected. Forced term limits! As long as we keep re-electing the same trash, we will continue on our spiral to a trashed economy.

Yes, I know. “Fair” is not in their vocabularies. That’s why they must go.

No corporation could sustain itself with a corrupt board of directors, and no country can either.

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