It’s the foreplay that’s killing us!

It doesn’t matter what your politics, this corruption is costing you and your families dearly!

By Jack E. Lohman

So here we are.

Congress is negotiating a massive and critically important Financial Reform package and the politicians creating the bill are all on the industry’s payroll. The two top guys from the two negotiating parties are on the take. Chuck Schumer at $3,896,839 and Richard Shelby at $1,227,738, all in 2009/2010 alone.

And Chris Dodd, their current leader and that “soon-to-be retired” Senator that will likely move on to working for the banking industry? Well, he took only $894,888.

The bankers have covered themselves well.

The Dems are as corrupt as the R’s. And as the theory goes, if you can’t own the government, own the politicians that run it.

Even more troubling is that some of the grassroots see campaign finance reform as a conspiracy against them, and the rich elites are shoveling cash into a nationwide campaign to keep them believing it. As a center-right Republican I am amazed at how easy it is to get my colleagues to stoke the fire that is burning them to smithereens.

As a former business owner, I cannot imagine a scenario where I’d put top management in charge of negotiating an agreement with someone who was paying them cash dollars on the side. I’d likely have them jailed instead, but in politics we re-elect them to office. Where are our heads?

There are major differences between the House and Senate bills, and I’m not a financial expert. But I’d like that my congressional experts are not bought off by the industry.

This is NOT a partisan issue

This is just one of many examples of why we must pass the Fair Elections Now Act. It doesn’t matter what your party, this is a matter of our nation’s economy against the fat cats in the top 5%, who have raped and pillaged the country and are now threatening to leave if we stop them.

Let them go. We can’t afford to have them stay. They should try one of those countries that simply executes bandits.

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