The Parties; Coffee, Tea and Me

The Tea and Coffee parties have common goals too…

By Jack E. Lohman

Yea, there are extremes in each, and their moderates will soon cast them to the side. But the groups have more in common than even they realize.

They are both very upset with government, and for the same reason. Our politicians are spending taxpayer money that isn’t theirs, and they don’t care what the citizens think. They spend our money on stupid, costly things because they are paid by the special interest to do so. And if they do it right the politician will get a kickback in the form of a campaign contribution.

But they spend money that drives up taxes and both sides hate it when that happens.

The Tea Party is more Conservative and wants government out of its face. The Coffee Party is more Liberal and wants enough government to stabilize democracy, but not so much as to detract from needed freedoms.

If 100% of Americans were honest and did not set out to rip off others for their own gain, zero laws and regulations would be needed. But they aren’t and thus at least some regulations are needed to keep the greed and ripoffs under control.

If 100% of Americans were hard-working and motivated and always had a job, zero welfare and unemployment benefits would be required. But they aren’t and thus toughness in handing out perks is required.

But while these two sides battle each other, the politicians laugh themselves all the way to the bank, and all their way to re-election.
The truth is that few on either side will complain about fair taxes with fair spending. But a good portion of both sides have failed to diagnose the “cause and effect.” Taxes are high (the “effect”) because cash changed hands to the politicians (the “cause”).

Politicians are not foolish. They will not (usually) spend taxpayer money unless there is something in it for them (campaign cash or constituent votes). Cash is usually more important because it can buy votes through advertising, and in 90% of the cases the politician with the most money wins office.

Thus the minute they are elected they start contacting contributors for the next election, and they spend 25-50% of their time raising cash instead of governing. Even term Limits will not fix the problem because as one politician leaves the newcomer begins getting the special interest flow.

So what do the Teas and Coffees do about all of this?

Vote the bastards out; 100% of them. Democrats and Republicans alike. And do it in the primary so your favored party stays in. And if they lose, who cares? They are *ALL* owned and operated by Corporate America anyway, and doing the economy no good!

Importantly, pressure your politicians to support public funding of campaigns at both the state and federal level. And when we finally get the money out of the political system we can go back to fighting for what we want our taxes spent on.

You should do this out of principle anyway. It makes zero fiscal sense to allow your employee (the politician) to take cash bribes from your competitor (the special interests) and divert your assets (tax dollars) from your family’s pockets to their own.

When I hear my representatives talking, I want to know they are talking for me and not the Fat Cats that are funding their elections.

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8 Responses to The Parties; Coffee, Tea and Me

  1. Sandy says:

    Teas, Coffees, who cares? But I do care about political corruption, which I agree is costing us dearly. How do we stop that?

  2. Yes, Sandy, it doesn’t matter what your issue, the fact that politicians get a kickback on their votes is killing America. Even the right wing should be mad as hell, but they haven’t gotten there yet.

  3. CWren says:

    “If 100% of Americans were hard-working and motivated and always had a job, zero welfare and unemployment benefits would be required.”

    First things, first!
    Secure our borders and stop subsidizing these people:

  4. Yes, I agree that we need to fix the border situation, but don’t think for a moment that political cash had nothing to do with our hands-off policy. Corporations that wanted cheap labor paid off the politicians to leave the border open to enter.

  5. CWren says:

    Oh, I agree corporations want cheap labor…but there are others involved, too. Ignore those factions and the money they give to some politicians and you aren’t presenting the whole story of why our southern border remains wide open. Their money buys votes, too.

    The open border impacts all fiscal issues, from local school district taxes, to water resources to healthcare.

  6. I agree that illegal immigration affects all fiscal issues, but I doubt that it buys votes. Unless the illegals commit registration fraud. And while I agree that we need to close the borders I don’t believe that is the major factor causing our distressed economy. It is that the bankers and CEOs have bought deregulation.

  7. CWren says:

    You either didn’t understand or decided to ignore my point. I wasn’t speaking of illegals voting, although it’s not that difficult for them to register in some states.

    If you miss Glass-Steagall you ought to be ranting about Barney Frank.

  8. I may have missed your point. Yes the border should be closed. But to send back 20 million illegals and put 5 million more homes on the market would be foolish. Once we get the political bribes out of the system with public funding of campaigns I expect the politicians to fix that system.

    I do miss Glass-Steagall and they never should have repealed it, but again, follow the money. And Barney Frank was right in the middle of it.

    “Follow the money” is the whole point of this site. We have corrupt politicians and they must all be thrown out of office. Only then can we fix the rest of the system.

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