Corruption in Afghanistan?

Can you imagine? Organized crime!!!

By Jack E. Lohman

So the Afghans are controlled by a bunch of corrupt politicians whose personal greed and the power they have to write laws, write those laws to benefit the elites who helped them get into office?

And our president told their president that he wants it to stop!!!

Sir, we invented organized political crime! It drives the U.S. Congress and state legislatures, and this country will not recover until our corruption is eliminated!

While the elites have us engaged elsewhere — like keeping our jobs, getting health care for our family, and putting food on the table — they continue pulling the same financial crap that trashed our economy in the first place… all while our esteemed politicians keep hands-off and get a piece of the action!

Bipartisan Corruption

This nation has a systemic corruption problem in congress, and the D’s are as corrupt as the R’s as the recent health care giveaway to the insurance and pharmaceutical industries illustrates.

The simple truth is that the party in the majority rakes in more cash than the minority, and that cash translates to more power while in, and greater wealth on retirement from government. Thus they fight each other to win the majority position… rather than simply running the country in its best interests.

If I had a board of directors constantly after each others’ throats I’d fire them!  (Now, there’s a thought, and we can do that in November!)

Each side creates strategies that attract cash. Privatizing works best because government entities can’t make campaign contributions and private contractors can. Private contractors charge double the cost and kick some back to the politicians, and we just raise taxes and reduce services to compensate. And politicians propose business regulations and then watch the cash roll in from both sides of the issue.

We are on a downward spiral to rebellion or another civil war. It’s been said that civilizations only have a 200 year lifetime, which puts us nearing the end of ours.  We can thank the Tea Partiers and Dick Armey’s of the world, and even lefties are joining the fray. These groups will either help the process of change or push us over the edge.

The dominoes began to fall in the 1980’s and included the deregulation of banks in 1999 and the passage of NAFTA in 1994. Jobs left the country and state revenues began to fall, and with it the budgets needed to maintain schools and  state services.

We could reverse this leap over the edge if we’d reform our corrupt political system, but we have an electorate that is so swayed by rhetoric that they don’t see through the political games being played. They are truly gullible.

No country can survive corruption at the top…

… and the U.S. is no different. As the elite pockets even more of our national GDP, the little guys are revving up to do battle. There will soon be bullets flying at the political rallies and eventually Martial Law and total rebellion.

Where else can it go? Only public funding of campaigns will reverse it.


— “As the Economy Crashed Around Them, 400 Richest Americans Lined Their Pockets with $30 Billion. Their combined wealth is more than enough to insure the uninsured for the next twenty years or more.”

— “The evidence is now overwhelming. The United States government has facilitated the theft of trillions of dollars of national wealth and 99% of the US population no longer has political representation. Is It Time for Law Abiding American Citizens to Stop Paying Their Taxes and Start a New Government?”

— Already some hedge fund managers and CEOs make over a billion dollars per year. What will they spend their money on? More yachts, more mansions, probably offshore, and this is the best part, personal armed security to protect them from the consumers they ripped off!  That’s poetic justice at its best.

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