Who said new health reform isn’t a jobs bill?

On a scale of 1-to-10 it’s a four…

By Jack E. Lohman

Indeed it will add 16,500 new IRS agents (corrected below) to monitor the health insurance mandates and make sure that all citizens are contributing their fair share. And if they aren’t, government will come down on them with a cash fine. Money previously going to food for the family will be diverted to the good guys.

Reform also adds to the many make-work jobs at the insurance and pharmaceutical companies that contributed so grandly to the politicians that made it all happen; $125 million in the last year alone.

And it’ll add jobs at hospitals and clinics who will be forced to deal with the 1400 nationwide insurance companies that can now sell into every state.

All of them totally wasted jobs at taxpayer and patient expense, but jobs nonetheless.

They are jobs that rob the public of wealth and are not the kind we should be creating. Instead we need jobs manufacturing appliances and electronics and automobiles. The insurance jobs should have been eliminated, not expanded as congress did, and for every job lost two would have been created in health care… a better-paying field.

Imagine yourself as the proud new owner of a Pizza shop and you set out to hire delivery personnel. Do you also hire them a driver? Of course not. That’s a redundancy that adds unnecessarily to costs and detracts from the quality of your product.

But that’s exactly the role of the insurance industry.  The chauffeur, not the delivery person or the patient.

No business person that I know would do something so stupid, but that’s exactly what happens when the insurance industry is inserted into the health care loop.

So how to do that…

If all Americans are going to be made to share in the costs anyway, through mandates to purchase insurance, why not make the system as efficient as possible? Let’s take the unnecessary chauffeur out of the delivery car. Let’s have patients go directly to the physician and they bill through a taxpayer-owned entity… Medicare!!!

Yes there are some good things that will come out of the new reform, but far more bad things. And many won’t happen until 2014 when Obama is well into his second term (if he even makes it that far), and even beyond to 2018.

But why kill the Medicare doughnut hole over 10 years? Why not kill it today? Why hire undercover cops to sift for fraud when strengthening the whistle-blower laws will do it at zero cost to the taxpayers? Why hire more IRS agents when the people not paying for healthcare are unemployed and not paying taxes? Why are we adding bureaucracy when we need to eliminate it?

Better yet, why not simply pay for the system through our national infrastructure? Via taxes on income rather than as an employer cost, which is passed on to us at the cash register? Instead, let employers spend that money on new jobs and the elimination of outsourcing? Is this too simple?

A single-payer Medicare-for-all system would bail out 100% of our corporations rather than just the bankers and auto companies. For the same amount of dollars we are spending today (17% of GDP) we could provide first-class Cheney-care to 100% of our population. Including those in Medicaid and SCHIP, and those who are uninsured and under-insured. We’d spend the 31% bureaucracy waste on health care instead.

Single-payer is the most fiscally conservative system, for everybody, but the insurance industry has convinced some of the public otherwise. And they’ve fed the wallets of the politicians to gain their help. But if all politicians were on the system as well, none would tinker with the care. And if the system didn’t cover certain things, you could buy it on the outside the old-fashioned way… with cash dollars.

It would be like today’s Medicare, which 95% of seniors love. There are no wait times now and there won’t ever be if we properly fund it. It does not have to be like Canada, which spends half of what we do and have wait times as a result.


“Medicare for All (Single-Payer) Reform Would Be Major Stimulus for Economy with 2.6 Million New Jobs, $317 Billion in Business Revenue, $100 Billion in Wages” (See Study Here)

States Can Opt Out Of Mandate “Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) has a message for all the attorneys general and Republican lawmakers who are threatening lawsuits and claiming that an individual mandate for insurance coverage is unconstitutional: You don’t have to abide by it — just set up your own plan.”

Is Single-Payer Health Care The Best Option? Dr. Don McCanne: “The real debate over health care reform today centers over one fundamental choice. Are we going to continue to try to finance health care through private plans competing in the marketplace, a guarantee that access and equity problems would only grow worse, or are we going to use our own government resources to fix our financing system so that it works for everyone?”

4 Responses to Who said new health reform isn’t a jobs bill?

  1. Dohnal says:

    Jack, you got what you wanted.
    Everyone blame jack, Obama listened to him.

  2. Bob, with all of your education they didn’t teach you a thing. I do now and always have opposed ObamaCare and favored a Medicare-for-all system. But you have fun blaming me. I love it!

  3. The 16,500 IRS number is disputed HERE and HERE. Nancy Pelosi says it isn’t true. But it is “something,” and even if it were one-tenth the number it would be too many. There WILL BE thousands of new government administrative employees required which would NOT be required under a single-payer system.

  4. […] corruption problem in congress, and the D’s are as corrupt as the R’s as the recent health care giveaway to the insurance and pharmaceutical industries […]

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