Where are the candidates on the issue that matters?

Wisconsin needs change; not more of the same!

By Jack E. Lohman

There’s only one key issue that voters should be concerned about; the integrity of our government. If we have honest legislators the rest will take care of itself once the political bribes are removed. Over 80% of our voters see this as a major problem.

For candidates to campaign on health care or jobs or the budget matters little to me. What matters is “who are these politicians working for? Me or the special interests that want in my pocket?”

The special interests are funding the elections, so what would you expect? All of the rhetoric is just that: lies used to win over the voters. And once elected they turn their allegiance to the people that sent them the cash, and spend taxpayer money on no-bid contracts and government projects that are not needed or prudent but pay back their funders.

I’ve heard nothing from gubernatorial challengers Tom Barrett, Scott Walker, Mark Neumann or Mark Todd with regard to how they are going to fix our system, but a search of their web sites shows this:

  • Barrett says nothing, but when he was a congressman he supported public funding of campaigns. A good start, but where is he today?
  • Walker says nothing but his opposition to reform when a state legislator and his personal comments since tells me he’ll bring more of the same. Politics as usual.
  • Neumann would like to shift the time frame of the campaign bribes to either before or after the budget. Not a good sign. Bribes are bribes no matter when tendered.
  • Todd doesn’t say anything, which tells me he doesn’t understand, or does understand and doesn’t want to go there.

Simply, nothing else matters. A government corrupted by campaign bribes is what trashed the federal and state economies.

More of the same cannot reverse it.

Only eliminating the bribery will fix it.

So where do our potential governors stand on this issue?

If the democrats are smart they’d fix this before the next elections and lock themselves into control. If the Republicans are smart they’d hop on board to take part of the credit.

This nation’s economy has been trashed because politicians on the dole succumbed to the demands for their financial and business friends and eliminated regulations. Which of course wouldn’t even be necessary if 100% of our CEOs were honest. But as long as the political cash continues to flow those regulations will remain off the table.

Only getting the bribes out of the system will return democracy to the voters. Only getting the bribes out of the system will let congress pass health care reform that makes sense for the nation.

This cash flow affects state legislators as well, where taxpayer assets are spent on special interest projects rather than needed community services.

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