Health insurance industry was well represented…

D’s and R’s got $125 million in industry contributions.

By Jack E. Lohman

And Obama pocketed $20 million. So the insurance industry was indeed able to keep the public option and single payer off the table, in spite of vast public support for both. That’s the way the game is played. Politicians got a piece of our health care costs and the public got screwed.

Yes, Mitch McConnell is right: Obama is pushing a bill the public opposes, because the public prefers a single-payer Medicare-for-all system. What McConnell is not telling us is that if the R’s were in charge we wouldn’t get it either because they are as corrupted by insurance money as are the D’s.

What a deal? Aren’t our politicians great?

This whole “summit” was staged. For the Republicans to say “we tried and they rejected” and for the Dems to say “we tried and now we are going ahead with reconciliation.”

Let them do it; it will be their end. Actually it may be their end anyway because Obama campaigned to the left and is ruling to the right. Got to do this bipartisanship thingy, don’cha know, even if the voters had their fill with the R’s under Bush.

But it’s what this country needs, a total collapse of the parties. Obama has alienated the progressives and the tea-partiers have split the Republicans. We may finally get rid of the two-party see-saw that has ruined this country. It was a conspiracy anyway, so let’s dump it and move on. NOW is the time for Instant Runoff Voting, but don’t count on getting it easily.

One Republican even complained about giving too much power to an unelected board to oversee healthcare. Thank you anyway, sir, but when our current “elected board” (Congress) is totally owned by the insurance industry, I’d prefer the unelected board.

As an aside, here’s a must-see video of how “Rep. Weiner Stands Up to GOP and Private Insurers, Gets Shut Down and Shut Out of Healthcare Summit” The righties will love it!

We need insurance middleman elimination. We should not be paying exorbitant amounts for future risk coverage, we should pay for care as it is delivered and save 20%. Congressmen should have the same care everybody should have: Medicare. It is the most efficient public-private system ever, and taxpayers nationwide would save money if all government employees were in it. Including our teachers!

There is not much more to be said about our politicians. They are bought and paid for, and little or no legislation passes without their funders getting into the taxpayer’s pockets. This is true both at the state level, though worse at the congressional level. They are letting the insurers take our other industries to the cleaners, and our jobs are going with them.

The question to the voters is, how much worse must it get before you take action and throw them all out? What the Republicans say about healthcare applies also to politicians: we must eliminate what we have and start from scratch!  Throw them all out!!!


— Republicans, to your question “do we want government control versus private control?” the answer is “because private can control with campaign contributions and government can’t, we’ll take the latter. But thanks for asking!”

— Do we want a massive government takeover of health care? Well, better than a massive takeover by CEOs of the insurance industry! We’ve seen enough of the 39% annual increases.

— Medicare is not that, anyway, and Medicare can’t give campaign contributions!

— We’ll take Medicare, thank you.

— Are we clear on that?

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